Blue or Corrupt Lives Matter?? It’s clear #CorruptLivesMatter more!

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First, if you’re a murder suspect, you’re easier to find. Second, to discredit you in case you ever go public against them. -Enemy of the State


2002 until 2014, as in TWELVE years of my life dealing with same organized criminals who are STILL above the law, literally own NYPD as well as have judges and politicians paid off well. When you’ve seen so much crime at the top, it’s defeating and you’re not sure who’s protecting whom. One thing is *for sure*, a cop shooter is laughing from his grave as his crime crew is still carrying out his orders with help knowingly or unknowingly from NYPD and elected officials.

We must create an atmosphere where the dishonest cop fears the honest cop, not the other way around.” -Frank Serpico

That is exactly how I feel about organized and white collar criminals who think others should fear them. However, you don’t fear someone or a group that’s doing wrong 24/7, and at the expense of others NOT doing wrong. But sadly, organized criminals always have corrupt lawmakers and law enforcement aiding and abetting their crimes, which makes them think they’re above the law and persons to be treated with respect and reverence. Yea, not in my world!

The Players

Notorious NYC cop shooter Larry Davis

Notorious criminal since his teen years. Shot six cops in NYC as they were coming to serve a warrant. Used his baby as a human shield while shooting at cops, who could/would not shoot a baby. Went on the run for weeks and became a folk hero for many blacks who believe he was a victim of injustice. His story has created so much permanent, UNBENDING animosity against police. More NYC born and raised blacks know more “stories” about him, THAN any of the many Tuskegee Airmen in area!

Larry Davis was killed in prison after double-dealing other prisoners, extorting from other prisoners, and threatening other prisoners with rape for extortion. Prison may change someone, but either a person has ethics or a conscience before prison or they don’t. Larry Davis never had any ethics nor a conscience, he did WHATEVER he wanted, and prison couldn’t stop him as he found ways to break the law within the law, and taught those who were loyal to him how to do the same. And Davis would use anyone who’d listen to him, but the problem is very few actually “listened” to him or his words which were beyond shady and repulsive. Davis’ number one goal: a movie about himself, a movie which makes him out to be a victim (which he was not), and a hero, (which he could never be). Davis double-dealed persons until the day of his death. (Note to self: send a steak dinner to person who shanked Davis in prison. 🙂 )

Troy Reed

Larry Davis’ errand boy, video producer, cop shooter promoter, welfare recipient while fathering 8+ kids, and scamming NYC Child Support Court to avoid paying for child support. He’s currently “wealthy” after theft of funds via Abe Hirschfeld and other prisoners Larry Davis extorted money from. Brags about being the son of federally incarcerated prisoner, Guy Davis, another notorious NYC drug trafficker, who claims to have owned the Apollo Theater at one point. Yes, the same Guy Fisher who was once partners with another notorious drug trafficker, Nicky Barnes, who was also associated with another notorious drug trafficker, Frank Lucas (“American Gangster”). Reed calls him “Pops” and visits him in prison often, I’m guessing for “business tips”.

Now, after obtaining wealth through funds extorted via Larry Davis and trafficking, Reed promotes his son’s “Sneaker Pawn” business in Harlem, including on NYC’s Fox 5 with the son of former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, Greg Kelly. Let’s think about that for a second: a guy who promotes a cop shooter and makes a hero out of him, as well as promotes other drug traffickers he worked directly with, was on NYC Fox 5 promoting a business he launched for his son WITH the son of someone I admired: Commissioner Ray Kelly. It’s true, crime DOES pay.

But check out what DRUG TRAFFICKING, and EXTORTION with NYPD’s help, (knowingly AND unknowingly), gets you:

And the following documentaries are not produced by an “independent documentarian”, BUT by a drug dealer, DIRECTLY involved with all video subject matters. Again, CRIME PAYS, especially when law enforcement helps advance your career and profits, and you have crafty lawyers and criminals who teach you how to break the law within the law, and how to stay TWO STEPS AHEAD of any law enforcement who’s “not down with the organized grime-crime team”.

Troy Reed (welfare recipient) presents: Game Over

Troy Reed (welfare recipient) presents: Larry Davis Story

Troy Reed (welfare recipient) presents: Guy Fisher Story

Troy Reed (welfare recipient) presents: Karlton Hines Story

Troy Reed (welfare recipient) presents: The Alpo Story

And Troy Reed welfare recipient to RICHES:

All of these documentaries were produced while Reed was on New York State welfare and living in a welfare reduced apartment on Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, and while providing his welfare recipient mother’s Morris Avenue housing projects address as his “place of business”.

Must be nice, huh? But again, CRIME DOES PAY!!

Reed’s daily job while producing videos and collecting welfare: traveling from one woman to another to hustle funds and connections, or to cover up criminal activities, which includes drug trafficking from NYC, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. So many of his victims have reached out to me to disclose how each was harmed by Reed and his organized grime-crime crew. I know their stories well.

Meanwhile, Reed brags about all his “babies’ mothers” being Spanish, white women are easier to hustle (because they don’t ask him too many questions and just do what he says), and how educated black women who work for a living are “suckers” that he can easily blackmail, if necessary. One of those black women, known as “Denise”, tried to kill herself. Reed simply laughs it all as “just part of the game” a/k/a “do what ya gotta do”.

Reed, when bored with his many ride-or-die chicks, also loves to use escort services for threesomes and more. His motto, “yes, they escort you right to bed.” He brags about knowing a woman who turned him on to escort services, and how cool she was.

Reed also bragged about choking his ex-wife with a telephone cord because she asked him where he was after he arrived home late. He claims to have owned a barber shop in Harlem.

Reed also takes information from homes of women to blackmail with or use against them later to cover himself after his fraud is discovered. Reed also carries a voice recorder which is primarily used to record every single conversation with women in order to laugh about it later with his multiple girlfriends OR to harm, threaten and/or blackmail/extort money from women being hustled. Reed uses his ride-or-die chicks to find the words to say to each woman hustling, to say what they want to hear to gain access to their apartments, financial records and more.

One woman, Chloe Hillard, a “journalist” for “The Source”, was so taken in by him that she printed in “The Source” magazine that Reed had a COLLEGE DEGREE in Business Administration when promoting his “Street Stars” products, which led to millions in sales! LOLLLLLL Troy Reed can’t even READ!! OH MY GAWD. But when I asked Hillard via phone how she could print such a preposterous lie AFTER I saw her on a news station as a “credible” witness for a hip-hop story, her response AS A JOURNALIST was, “it’s not my job to fact check anything“. Then, she began to berate me about not knowing about “publicists” and suggested I get a publicist for my own behalf. Wait, someone to lie for me then take the blame for that lie?

Kisha Choice

Girlfriend and ride-or-die chick of Troy Reed. Formerly employed by Affinity in the Bronx. On October 31, 2002, Kisha’s office phone and computer were used to both phone and email my home in Edgewater, NJ. Calls were made every few seconds. Every single word was recorded and the words were transposed onto Kisha Choice’s answering machine. But where Reed failed, there were no phone records from Edgewater to Choice to match the call time or length of the call from the recording. But that doesn’t matter to Reed, because he has experts who help him break the law within the law.

From Kisha Choice’s office computer, threatening emails were sent, as well as emails which contained utmost hostility. Reed was apparently angry that he was not being reached out to by me. Gee, I guess I had other priorities like Venrock, forged check attempts from Reed, fake business appearances from Reed, plus a violent gangster phoning home to worry about. Reed also lied to upstate federal officials that we were living together, AFTER conning me. My avoiding him ruined that lie. Oh well.

The emails were instantly traced to Affinity in the Bronx. Their HR was notified and confirmed that both calls and emails were being sent from Kisha Choice’s computer and phone to home number and my personal email. Kisha Choice was fired. But wait, there’s more. Kisha Choice, with tutoring from Troy Reed and his “break the law within the law” attorney, then turned around and played victim through NYPD’s 47th Precinct in the Bronx. However, Kisha Choice failed to mention her forged check relationship with Troy Reed.

Also of note, because Reed carries a voice recorder 24/7 (creepy little extortionist, ain’t he?), EVERY single thing I said to mock the calls after about the 50th call within a half-hour — such as “listen kids, try someone else” (because it was Halloween Day and assumed it was children), “you’re calling someone who could be dying of cancer” (thinking maybe the kids would back off at that point, but it WASN’T a kid, but Reed and Kisha Choice) — were LITERALLY repeated verbatim by Bronx NYPD’s 47th Precinct Detective Baldesere. Now, ask yourself, HOW WOULD THAT BE POSSIBLE, if he’s NOT working directly with or for Troy Reed?

NYPD’s 47th Precinct Detective Baldesere even claimed Kisha Choice’s statements were CREDIBLE. Yes, the ride-or-die chick of cop shooter Larry Davis’ crew was credible. #BlueLivesMatter, huh? NOPE! #CorruptLivesMatter. Another detective questioned the statements of Kisha Choice after reading her emails and HR statements from Affinity in the Bronx. NYPD’s Baldesere swept Kisha Choice’s REPEATED and INCESSANT calls from her office to me, violent and derogatory emails SENT FROM Affinity’s office network, and the fact that Kisha Choice was helping Reed launder money extorted, via Larry Davis, under a rug. Basically, NYPD’s Baldesere CHOSE to help out a cop shooter’s organized grime-crime crew. #BlueLivesMatter, huh? NOPE! #CorruptLivesMatter. And a person under criminal investigation or with a criminal record is NOT a credible witness against an organized grime-crime crew! Again, these folks know how to break the law within exceptionally. I wonder if NYPD’s Baldesere has been actively protesting on behalf of #BlueLivesMatter because from my view, corrupt cop shooter’s lives mattered more to him.

Carolyn “Cat” Patron

Niece of Larry Davis. Sexual partner of Troy Reed. Beneficiary of funds Troy Reed receives from other women being hustled by Reed. One woman’s home was used for sexual escapades with Cat and Troy Reed while the woman Reed hustled worked daily. After Troy Reed stole all that he needed from the woman, including video equipment to produce the Larry Davis video, Reed abruptly ended the relationship, leaving her with many questions, distraught and eventually suicidal. Troy Reed laughs about one woman’s (Denise) near death experience and how he used her for his financial gain.

Derrick Barnes

Roommate and partner of Troy Reed. Both living in a Section 8- welfare reduced STUDIO apartment in Bronx (which was registered in another relative’s name) while producing videos, attending entertainment events and more. Where you find Reed, you’ll find Derrick.

Lisa Graves

Long-time childhood friend and sex partner of Troy Reed, and mother of Reed’s 7th or 8th++ child by 8++ women. Works for NYC’s Administration for Child Services while Reed scammed NY State Child Support Services to avoid paying for his children, including Chase, whom he now parades around as his protege and business partner (“Sneaker Pawn”), while drug trafficking. Carolyn Patron is cool with her also sleeping with Troy Reed because she knows her sexual history. Basically, sexually sharing same person, who has unprotected sex with numerous women, for the purpose of financial gain.

It was Lisa’s blue Kia Sportage used weekly by Reed to move products (drugs, videos, etc.), cash forged checks, and escort his other girlfriends around as needed. Derrick Barnes was always with him including when other women were picked up or dropped off. Derrick’s classic response, “Troy, man that boy is wild”, while going along with all.

Abe Hirschfeld

Attorney and millionaire who established parking garages throughout NYC. He once offered Paula Jones $1-Million dollars to settle her lawsuit against President Bill Clinton. Arrested by Manhattan DA for “putting out a hit on his law partner”. Served time with Larry Davis at Sullivan Correctional Facility in New York State. Extorted from via threats of rape from Larry Davis. Davis coerced Hirschfeld, via force, to create a list of names that would be associated with Hirschfeld. That list of names was used to create a fake hit list. The hit list was a red herring to cover up that Hirschfeld was being extorted from by Larry Davis, while Troy Reed grabbed all the cash he could get from Hirschfeld. An NYC judge’s life was unnecessarily placed in fear, with taxpayers funding cost of extra security for the judge.

Jeff Wooten

New Jersey/New York attorney and friend of Troy Reed who “oversaw” the transfer of legalities between Larry Davis, Troy Reed and Abe Hirschfeld. Attends entertainment events with Troy Reed, and introduces himself as the attorney for “Street Stars Entertainment”. And note his base in New Jersey, same as Pressler & Pressler (below).


Hasidic Jew who served time with Larry Davis at Sullivan Correctional Facility. Larry Davis phoned my home repeatedly and even asked me to hold the woman’s mother hostage while he extorted from him in prison. This scam led to Larry Davis being transferred to Shawangunk Correctional Facility, where he was shanked to death by another prisoner. Resounding applause was heard throughout the prison. You see, Davis played victim, but he was ALWAYS a predator.

Edgewater, New Jersey Police Department

Had enough sense to investigate statements of Reed, Choice and others while they were ironically extorting money from Abe Hirschfeld and pretending to be a victim with me listed as their predator, while I was actually being threatened daily by Reed. Reed actually showed up to my local city claiming he was being harassed, sat right next to me in Edgewater Municipal Court as if he was a “credible, reputable business man”, while unknown to him I was already meeting with other officials about Reed, Choice, etc.

Troy Reed disappeared after Edgewater NJ Police determined his statements were not credible, unfounded, especially since Reed claimed he was being harassed by me IN BRONX HOUSING PROJECTS early mornings in a WHITE CONVERTIBLE BMW, a car I no longer owned 6-months prior to his statements as I could no longer afford because of his and Venrock’s fraud, a car I WORKED for, but was the first thing to turn in immediately when lease ended, so that I could have a roof over my head.

Also, unrelated, within minutes Edgewater Police helped rescue a very much alive snake that my cat, Tina, dragged into house as one of her many gifts. 🙂

Too bad they didn’t do mouse rescues to prevent me from screaming and disturbing neighbors, until it was captured and removed by me, by trying every single thing except picking up a little mouse and tossing it outside. But hey, at least I know my two cats loved me and wanted me to survive. I wasn’t eating much and losing too much weight, because of the stress and she was outside hunting moreso daily, and “bringing home the bacon” while teaching me how to hunt by bringing in live catches. 😉

I should have listened to my cat, Missy, DAY ONE. The day she met Reed, she did something I’d only seen ONE other time in the future. Missy hissed, growled and went into attack mode, before Reed even knocked on my door. I had to put her in another room. She never, ever liked him and couldn’t wait for a moment to attack him. I guess she picked up on his evil instantly. Had I listened to her, all I would have had to write about regarding Reed: ‘memba that guy who snuck into an investor meeting that I paid for? But thanks to Venrock’s fraud, my guard was down and I was literally at lowest point of my life. You meet low-life trash in hell or during troubling situations. The trash you meet when things are going well you simply step over and keep it moving.

I did listen to Missy INSTANTLY the next time a dangerous person tried to “befriend” and “help” me, while I was homeless as a result of back-to-back fraud. Man, it’s amazing how many survive in NYC with so many grimy hustlers and scam artists. Just think of the things that could be done if persons in Harlem followed the initiative of persons like Madame C.J. Walker or Duke Ellington, and worked together to establish businesses and services, instead of having to steal from and kill each other, for short-term or get-rich-quick gains, while having to watch out for everyone harmed along the way. But hey, what do I know, I’m just crazy, right?

Pressler & Pressler a/k/a Pressler Felt & Warshaw a/k/a New Century Financial Services

Since 2003, Pressler a/k/a Pressler Felt & Warshaw a/k/a New Century Financial Services has falsified multiple accounts in my name, on behalf of Larry Davis, Troy Reed and Reed’s “break the law within the law” advisors. All three accounts falsified in my name are accounts directly associated with Larry Davis, including my infamous $2900++ phone bill, which exposed all of Larry Davis’ fraud and led to his transfer to Shawangunk Correctional Facility, where he was subsequently killed by another prisoner. The debts falsified in my name… wait for it… allowed Pressler to track my whereabouts and related family members at the request of Reed-Davis organized grime-crime crew. Pressler hasn’t collected ONE CENT for any of its falsified debts because whenever I ask for “proof of ownership” for the debts, Pressler simply disconnects the call, THEN like Reed turned around and played victim with both NYPD and Parsippany, NJ Municipal’s Court help, to avoid and create red-herrings for federal investigations into… wait for it… FALSIFYING DEBTS IN MY NAME.

Steven Lang, Karen Ducharme and Sheldon Pressler even went so far as to claim I threatened to shoot up their Parsippany, New Jersey office building, BUT there were NO police reports, ZERO police involvement in New Jersey, not even a 9-1-1 call. In fact, the first thing my attorney in New Jersey did was request discovery via Parsippany’s police department and he was immediately advised there were NO reports, complaints calls or contact from Pressler, and that Pressler declined police involvement, and oddly Parsippany Police declined to get involved in anything Pressler related. Pressler didn’t need police involvement anyway, Pressler OWNS Parsippany Municipal Court, especially Alvaro Leal and Douglas Cabana. All on first name basis, dine-wine together, etc., etc.

Parsippany Municipal court clerk, Alvaro Leal, signed off on “private warrants” for both me and a “James DeBarnardo” because of “probable cause” based upon a “private CITIZEN’S COMPLAINT” (keep this on down low from feds) from Steven Lang, who refused to mention any of the debts falsified in my name. And both “citizens complaints” were for the EXACT same charges, while Steven Lang lied under oath and stated, “they’ve never had a problem with anyone else before” when describing me, and vice versa when describing James DeBarnardo. I don’t know who James DeBarnardo is, but I suspect he has a ton of CREDIBLE dirt on Pressler. Pressler, through Lang, who’s called their “rabid muscle” (because he doesn’t let up until he gets what he wants), ONLY uses their taxpayer funded fraud pass (court clerk, judge) when someone is exposing their fraud, and exposure needs to be shut down to keep the fraud running smoothly. But then he met Tamra… a person with NOTHING to lose, and more to gain, by exposing their fraud.

At same time, literally on SAME day, NYPD’s 1st Precinct assisted Pressler 100% using SOLELY the words from Pressler (Steven Lang and Craig Stiller) and Pressler’s INTERNAL and ALTERED evidence, while Pressler conveniently omitted VALUABLE calls which included calling me a “bitch”, laughing at me while saying “fuck you, we ain’t worried about the cops because we OWN them“, “yes we’re proud of being unethical and dishonest” (Jennifer K), and Frank Petulo’s mocking my FTC complaint (on same day as other ALTERED recorded evidence Michael Gordon presented on Pressler’s behalf), “how’d that work out for you?” while laughing. Frank Petulo later denied UNDER OATH in Manhattan from December 11-13, 2014 that he had ZERO knowledge of my FTC complaint, YET he WAS the respondent to FTC (with FTC document sitting right in front of Michael Gordon), and ALL details of ALL communications and active investigations are in my Pressler file, so that ANY employee who received the call would know: don’t give out any information, transfer her (me) to a specific bogus voicemail extension because this account is a fraud account, i.e., we have no justification for these accounts because we’re simply helping out the organized grime-crime grew of a cop shooter and his crew that we launder money for.

The most shocking and bold call came from Sheldon Pressler himself in June of 2012. His exact words which made my mouth drop open: “you’re so stupid, if the FBI was gonna do anything, they’ve have done it now.” Basically admitting he KNOWS he’s above the law at this point, given he’s been running same scam since 1996, a scam which has netted an extreme amount of wealth for Sheldon Pressler and pals.

Morris County Prosecutor also received the fake threat of violence (shoot up office building) “Citizen’s Complaint” Steven Lang personally signed, and had signed off by his Parsippany, NJ Municipal Court clerk-buddy Alvaro Leal, BUT dismissed the “threat of violence complaint” immediately. Why Lang was not charged with filing a false police report is baffling. Parsippany’s police won’t go after Pressler for obvious reasons. Pressler owns Parsippany Township. Their fraud/scams, while aiding a NOTORIOUS cop shooter, brings in revenue to city, as well as provides additional funds to city officials (judges, clerks, law enforcement, prosecutor, etc.). #BlueLivesMatter, eh? NOPE. #CorruptLivesMatter.

But let’s think about that: a person claims FALSELY that someone threatened to shoot up their office building, but there’s no 9-1-1 call regarding that claim. But there was an active complaint from me to FTC – Consumer Fraud & Protection Bureau as well as NY and NJ’s Attorney General’s Office (which couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything as long as there was ANY open legal matter – civil or criminal). In fact, Pressler’s only response IN WRITING to both FTC and AG regarding debts falsified in my name: Tamra is a wanted criminal (because Pressler filed “citizen’s complaints” as soon it they realized my next step was to contact state and federal authorities), don’t listen to anything she says, while NEVER answering to merits of the debts falsified in my name. Again, it helps to know how to BREAK THE LAW WITHIN THE LAW, and Pressler knows every law-breaking trick in the book. And Troy Reed and Pressler are one in the same, as both have run the exact same operation for decades.

But that fake threat of gun violence threat really hurt, because I’m VERY anti-gun, and loathe gun nuts and mass shooters. It also hurt even more that this occurred AFTER I protested on behalf of NYPD because of all the crime I personally saw after moving to NYC area, crime that is EXCUSED as “that’s just the way it is”. REALLY??!! And it was equally as hurtful as having your credit ruined and credit score lowered because of frauds who are LITERALLY above the law.

Meanwhile, during the same time Pressler claimed their “lives were in danger” in Parsippany, New Jersey, Craig Stiller, attorney of Pressler & Pressler, who is based out of Long Island and operates via Pressler’s 305 Broadway NY NY 10007-P.O. Box facility, was sending out REPEATED FAKE STATE SUBPOENAS with my name to businesses, assumed neighbors, etc., DEMANDING all personal and financial information in my name. The FAKE STATE document referenced a CLOSED-CASE index and actually stated it was from “The People of the State of New York”. One person believed it was LEGITIMATE and returned information to Stiller. Last time I checked, that was against the law (falsifying state documents). But this is standard practice of Pressler with hundreds of thousands of consumers complaining about receiving fake state/court documents and debts falsified in their name. But wait…

Even worse, Pressler has been running a white collar fraud ring since 1996, with Sheldon Pressler creating a sham company to file lawsuits on his own behalf, including for accounts NEVER lawfully owned. Pressler uses its fake office at 305 Broadway, New York, NY, 10007, which is used for the purpose of establishing false jurisdiction in civil and criminal courts. Manhattan DA, especially Michael Gordon, will even create entire fake incidents based upon an address that is the equivalent of a P.O. Box,  in order to further Pressler & Pressler’s fraud, basically aiding and abetting the legal muscle for cop shooter’s organized grime-crime crew. Manhattan Civil Court’s law enforcement is also aware of Pressler’s fraud. But because of the volume of funds Pressler brings into Manhattan’s Civil Court (400+ cases filed daily), with court clerks paid off, especially Sonia Wickham, civil court’s law enforcement overlooks the fact that Pressler is filing lawsuits on behalf of a sham company, New Century Financial Services, including for accounts never lawfully owned. #BlueLivesMatter, huh? NOPE. #CorruptLivesMatter.

Sonia Wickham ACTUALLY oversaw the second/adjourned Manhattan Civil Court hearing (March 18, 2014) regarding my filed Order To Show Cause, to force Pressler to provide proof of ownership in order to vacate their fake judgement in my name, YET she should have recused herself from the hearing because of our prior PERSONAL communications: she knew who I was PERSONALLY including by NAME, and where I was living, and knew persons residing in same building with after being scammed on apartment in Manhattan. Plus she berated me personally for using the word “black”, instead of “African-American” after I filed a small claims suit against the shady realtor, who rented the fake apartment to me. And don’t get me started on that “African-American” nonsense, especially given my family’s origin is Native American AND Dutch & British (BEFORE UK-ruled US slavery). And Sonia wants to CLAIM “African”, BUT doesn’t want to “use a village” to raise a child properly AND keep a child safe, which explains why kids in NYC area are senselessly packing heat WITH intent to use gun for any reason!!

At the first Order To Show cause meeting (March 11, 2014), Steven Lang, WHO IS NOT LICENSED TO PRACTICE LAW IN NEW YORK STATE, appeared AND argued before the court. A sane judge presided, BUT Steven Lang, AN UNLICENSED ATTORNEY IN NEW YORK STATE, stifled all other voices and, with Craig Stiller as silent as a mouse, derailed the hearing by

1. filing a ridiculous and disturbing “Motion To Compel” MY FAMILY’S PERSONAL ADDRESS AND/OR LOCATION (gee, on behalf of the Davis organized grime-crew, I guess) and

2. advised judge that I should not be entertained because I was a “wanted criminal in Parsippany, NJ” (which his Parsippany court clerk buddy signed off on with “probable cause” just prior to the motion).

So, the first civil court hearing (March 11, 2014) was adjourned a week later (March 18, 2014) SOLELY because of Steven Lang’s actions, and THEN with a “friend of Pressler judge (Jose Padilla) and court clerk (Sonia Wickham) presiding, the hearing was ruled in Steven Lang’s favor (vacate my motion and force me to refile my Order To Show Cause using FAMILY’S home address information. WHAT??!!), an attorney WHO’S NOT LICENSED TO PRACTICE LAW IN NEW YORK STATE, because… my address was considered a P.O. Box, while Pressler operates out of a P.O. Box. Judge Jose Padilla stated Sonia Wickham’s previous words, from personal discussions with her, right down to the period: “I’m not a fan of P.O. Boxes.” But you’re sure as hell are a fan of Pressler’s P.O. Box (305 Broadway, NY NY 10007) address!

There’s no point in refiling the Order To Show Cause, I already know the outcome: Pressler IS above the law and knows every trick in the book to circumvent Proof of Ownership as evident by all the links below. I spoke directly with one woman, who spent 11-years fighting with Pressler, only to have The Department of Justice vacate Pressler’s fraud judgment against her. I don’t have ELEVEN MORE YEARS to waste with frauds, but I’m wondering where the law enforcement is THAT SHOULD BE FIGHTING PRESSLER’S FRAUD!!

There are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of IDENTICAL consumer horror stories, with not ONE elected official or member of law enforcement to do anything about it. “Funniest” thing is, I did forward all of my Pressler documents to Senator Bob Menendez. He’s now under indictment while Pressler has a fraud pass! New Jersey’s Attorney General simply forwards the numerous consumer complaints against Pressler to FTC – Consumer Fraud and Protection Bureau, but Pressler obstructs that process by responding with one ridiculous statement after another, which overwhelms FTC which allows Pressler’s fraud to continue to “operate as normal”. And New York’s Attorney General’s Office, specifically Eric Schneiderman, is a “friend of Pressler”. Basically, Pressler can falsify debts in anyone’s name, including retired and disabled veterans, and then take their property without ever having to prove anything. I’m sure mafia members sitting in prison for life are in awe! When Andrew Cuomo was Attorney General, he was the only person to take any action against Pressler.

Attorney General Cuomo Sues To Throw Out Over 100,000 Faulty Judgments Entered Against New York Consumers In Next Stage Of Debt Collection Investigation – it SUCKS that Schneiderman’s name presides over this press release as Schneiderman, NY’s top cop took over after Cuomo became Governor, then Schneiderman gave Pressler a PERMANENT fraud pass.

I filed a complaint with NY State Civil Courts regarding the March 11 and 18, 2014 incidents, however, the court’s compliance officers saw no wrong doing in Sonia Wickham presiding over matter nor her EXACT words spoken in 2007 being the “deciding factor”, while an UNLICENSED New York attorney, Steven Lang argued before the court. The falsified debts in my name were NEVER addressed. Well played, white collar criminals, well played. #CorruptLivesMatter. It helps to know the law in order to break every aspect of it! It also helps to have a paid off court clerk and judge presiding over matter as well.

All of Pressler’s criminal actions fall within Manhattan DA’s territory, but Manhattan DA, Cy Vance, is a “friend of Pressler”. New York’s top cop, Attorney General Eric Schniederman’s office, has jurisdiction over Manhattan DA, but Schneiderman too, is a “friend of Pressler”. U.S. Attorney’s Southern District has jurisdiction over Schneiderman AND Manhattan DA, but Manhattan DA’s Michael Gordon is a former employee of the Southern District’s office, THUS no one at the Southern District “sees any wrong doing of Pressler”, it’s just “Tamra” and hundreds of thousands of consumers wronged by Pressler at the EXPENSE OF TAXPAYERS that are the problem. Corrupt attorney’s of a feather always flock together. I guess that explains why Dominique Strauss-Kahn walked freely from a rape charge courtesy of Manhattan DA Cy Vance. #CorruptLivesMatter.

Per NY FBI, Pressler’s crimes (falsifying state documents, filing false police reports, PERJURY and more) fall under Manhattan DA’s jurisdiction. But per Steven Lang, who stated this PUBLICLY and on the record, Manhattan DA has sent a POWERFUL message: I (and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of consumers wronged by Pressler) AM the problem AND Pressler’s FRAUD is to be protected at ALL TAXPAYER COST. Nice, huh? #CorruptLivesMatter. A taxpayer funded white collar fraud ring. How can I get me one of these? Oh wait, I can’t because it’s called: not interested in being a white collar OR organized criminal; letting people enjoy their lives they’ve WORKED FOR; and not preying upon people, ESPECIALLY for financial gain!!

Manhattan DA’s Michael Gordon, as well as their Public Integrity division, excused EVERY single criminal activity of Craig Stiller, Steven Lang and Pressler & Pressler (the fake subpoenas, the P.O. Box address which Stiller claims he actually had telephone conversations with me at and falsifying debts in my name). However, in Pressler’s SIMULTANEOUS “double-jeopardy” case in Parsippany, NJ, which was literally filed via “Citizen’s Complaint” right after my FTC complaint was escalated against Pressler, Craig Stiller was NOT listed as a witness to any of Steven Lang’s “complaint”, while the same witnesses listed in New Jersey, were part of Michael Gordon’s aiding/abetting process, and P.O. Box-Craig Stiller had a SEPARATE identical complaint AIDED AND ABETTED BY NYPD!

Oh and a Parsippany, NJ police captain was fired for exposing corruption in the township of Parsippany, the home base of Pressler. #BlueLivesMatter, eh? NOPE. #CorruptLivesMatter. And NJ Governor Chris Christie’s ally is linked to this massive corruption, while Christie runs for President of the United States, ironically while gutting public servants pensions and unions are his top priority. Yup, #BlueLivesMatter! NOPE. #CorruptLivesMatter. Christie’s ally is ALSO aware of the massive consumer fraud based in Parsippany. I know, because I have copies of an e-mail sent to ALL Parsippany City Council members as well as the local prosecutor, Douglas Cabana, who’s also BFF of Pressler & Pressler.

It’s VERY clear that corrupt lives matter MORE!

Larrima Davis

Daughter of Larry Davis, who after all the hell dragged through by Reed, Choice, Graves, Pressler, etc. had AUDACITY to contact me via my website and email to defend her men raping-extorting daddy, and to advise me “her daddy” was assassinated in prison (LOLLLLLL!!!), and that she was suing the Department of Justice because of his assassination. Yea, just like Davis was a “political prisoner” too, huh? And how’d that lawsuit work out given kidnapping, extortion, prison rape, organized crime via prison, as well as double-dealing each and every person who entered Davis’ life, while Davis stayed LOYAL to Troy Reed?

Anywhooo, Larrima’s original email and correspondence, and my replies, were posted to this site as well as forwarded to a variety of agencies. She picked the wrong person to approach, especially after seeing their organized grime-crime crew LIVE and IN PERSON.

But it’s not her fault, our current DeBlasio-mayoral administration, with Al Sharpton, in tow believes the same. It’s also not her fault because after Troy Reed received funds via money laundering and extortion, publicity posters were placed throughout NYC’s subway system advertising “Street Stars Presents The Larry Davis Story” while who’s-who of rap flocked to the Davis story to help their own street cred, and in turn making Larrima Davis think she’s part of “respectable street royalty”. But apparently I have MORE street cred than Troy Reed, who went crying like a bitch with Kisha Choice to NYPD’s 47th Precinct to “save him from Tamra”, the person he just couldn’t figure out, but was considered a liability AND scary against his organized grime-crime crew, as in I knew too much about their fraud, because I asked questions, like “if you were set up by cops, how come you’re such a vicious person who preys upon people, including people who THOUGHT you were an innocent victim?”, “how come Abe Hirschfeld looks so terrified while sitting with Larry Davis, Troy Reed and Jeff Wooten?”, “where’s Troy Reed’s business license/tax ID?”, “where’s the money to cover your bounced check?” and “how come you’re faking not being able to pay child support, while laundering money and drug trafficking?“.

It’s sad that Larrima can’t see that her own father used her as a human shield to save his own life. It’s sad that Larry Davis died the way he lived, violently, while being called a hero by many who never met him, never talked to him, and never cared about the persons Larry Davis has harmed since he was a teen. But my father was a Level 3 sex offender AND career criminal (assault, robbery, etc.). My father was shot 5 times, stabbed and more, AND he was the nightmare of Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana — all boys had to go through him to be raped if they didn’t have protection. I’m not running around defending him or saying “what a wonderful thug he is”. I give REGULAR thanks and PRAISE to former New Orleans District Attorney Harry Connick, Sr. for keeping him out of our lives as long as possible, and for knowing what kind of person my father really was.

Patrick Lynaugh

NYPD 1st Precinct, and apparently now transferred to 7th Precinct. Where to start with this one?? Minion boy for Pressler & Pressler, specifically Craig Stiller, “Esquire”. But in his defense, he was simply carrying out the orders for another higher-up, “anonymous” NYPD minion boy of Pressler & Pressler, which used a P.O. Box type address (305 Broadway, NYC 10007) to make a variety of false statements of actual PHYSICAL incidents, which could not have occurred inside a P.O. Box (unless Craig Stiller is “Stuart Little”). And Lynaugh’s statements were made on behalf of the long-time white collar organized grime-crime crew and legal money laundering help for a notorious cop shooter’s crime crew. Blue Lives Matter, eh? NOPE. #CorruptLivesMatter.

Most disturbing statement of Patrick Lynaugh: my NYC number is linked to a 2002-2003 sealed matter involving Larry Davis’ organized grime-crime crew’s Kisha Choice. But how can that possibly be when I lived in New Jersey until 2003, and didn’t have number he claims is linked until years later. Not to mention, who DIDN’T know about the $2K++ New Jersey phone bill linked to Larry Davis from 2002-2003? The SAME phone bill which brought down Larry Davis’ Sullivan Correctional Facility nonsense. Oh wait, Pressler sure was aware of the $2K++ 2002-2003 phone bill, it’s one the fake debts Pressler falsified in my name.

And no clue who sealed the 2002 Kisha Choice/47th Precinct matter that I STILL have no clue about, what happened, the outcome, etc., OR which NYPD member linked my 2004 NYC number to Kisha Choice’s 2002-2003 red-herring while extorting from Abe Hirschfeld and money laundering with Troy Reed. I definitely wouldn’t have wanted that matter sealed, as it gives me MEGA “street cred” against organized criminals, extortionists, blackmailers and cop shooter promoters: they’re SCARED OF ME 😎, while having zero fear of law enforcement.

Who’s protecting citizens or consumers from fraud? Certainly, not many in the NYC area.

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  1. Tamra

    In a normal world, Pussy Grabber would be an attorney general or prosecutor’s dream defendant, a goal to go after. Now AGs, law enforcement and prosecutors stand behind, with and for this

    Thus #CorruptLivesMatter!!


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