Facebook is censoring the historical and factual past of MeLayinYa Trump

While other first ladies read books, volunteered, studied, and jumped rope, Melayinya Trump jumped dicks to the White House

Melania Trump’s sex sales, nude modeling past is being censored by Facebook while being reported by #MAGA to remove the FACTUAL content because they cannot stomach truth about her!

Another #badgradestrump team member arrested for child sex trafficking

This doesn’t even surprise me given Pussy Grabber’s friend, Jeffrey Epstein was convicted for trafficking/pimping out teen girls, one of which Pussy Grabber, himself, raped. Trump Campaign Chair Just Got Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking http://occupydemocrats.com/2017/04/22/trump-campaign-chair-just-got-arrested-child-sex-trafficking/ What shocks me more is meetings with dignitaries at “Mar-A-Lago”, where many rapes and tortures of women have taken… Continue reading Another #badgradestrump team member arrested for child sex trafficking