Facebook is censoring the HISTORICAL AND FACTUAL past of MeLayinYa Trump

Factual and historical article about MeLayinYa Trump which is automatically censored on Facebook and Twitter.

Melania Trump’s girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed

a/k/a MeLayinYa Trump doing what she does best, her lifetime accomplishment which landed her an infamous Pussy Grabber!

While Facebook allows non-stop posts which reference ACCOMPLISHED, INTELLIGENT Michelle Obama as an “ape in heels” (with constant shares and “Likes”), a “gorilla”, a “tranny” (with grotesque photoshopped images), a “mooch who’s never done anything”, Facebook is colluding with rewriting the FACTUAL and HISTORICAL history of #FirstStrumpet Me-Layin’-Ya Trump’s path to the White House.

(Click to view image details.) Here’s just one of many error messages automatically generated when ANYONE posts https://nypost.com/2016/08/01/melania-trumps-girl-on-girl-photos-from-racy-shoot-revealed/ NY Post article. Twitter simply suspends the account without warning

If a person posts this article by the NY Post, Melania Trump’s girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed – https://nypost.com/2016/08/01/melania-trumps-girl-on-girl-photos-from-racy-shoot-revealed, it’s treated as the poster’s PERSONAL CONTENT, and treated as if the person is promoting “nudity”, which Facebook claims is a violation of its “community standards”.

Meanwhile, Facebook allows child sex trafficking groups, nude photography groups, nudity PLUS incessant profanity throughout its site, including profane references to former First Ladies. If persons report the content, Facebook treats the content as “free speech”, while ironically CENSORING the FACTUAL and HISTORICAL path of #FirstStrumpet Me-Layin’-Ya Trump to the White House.

The primary cause behind the content being removed forcefully by Facebook and Twitter: GOP/#MAGA members are reporting the NY Post article and related photos as disgraceful, offensive (how they REALLY feel about Me-Layin’-Ya), while GOP pretends to be proud of her modeling work. #MAGA claims to be soooooo proud of Me-Layin’-Ya’s modeling, BUT note none of them SHARE her modeling work, but only show up around the shared article to report it for removal.

Truth is, while REAL First Ladies were jumping ropes and hopscotch, as well as worldly educating themselves and learning graceful and admirable skills as well as involved in community service to help others, #FirstStrumpet Me-Layin’-Ya simply jumped dicks for cash as a child, teen and adult. This is her TRUTHFUL path to meeting Pussy Grabber Trump: https://nypost.com/2016/08/01/melania-trumps-girl-on-girl-photos-from-racy-shoot-revealed. Me-Layin’-Ya is classified as Trump’s “bottom bitch”, thus why she never contradicts or condemns his wrongful words, especially against women, but obeys his “grab ’em by the pussy” degradation of women, and nods along to his words with defense as ordered by her pimp/husband, while she pretends to be a champion against “bullying” and “harsh words against others”.

Me-Layin’-Ya is also a willing participant to Trump’s child sex trafficking, GLOBALLY. She’s not a victim, but a money hungry, sex-sales opportunist, who’s where she wants and chooses to be. Me-Layin’-Ya publicly admits to marrying Trump for his money, ONLY. Trump has ben granted sex escort services in China (same as his escort services in U.S.). Do you hear Me-Layin’-Ya Trump complaining about ANY of these sex-sales services, involving children, linked directly to her, and which are IDENTICAL to her human trafficking path to White House? Have you EVER heard or read about Me-Layin’-Ya complaining about any of these sex-sales services linked directly to her??

China provisionally grants Trump 38 trademarks – including for SEX escort service

Are Trump “social escort services” next? China grants Trump’s company 38 new trademarks – including for SEX ESCORT SERVICE!

“But when you dig a bit deeper, it seems that Melania has plenty in common with her bombastic husband.”

A friend of both Me-Layin’-Ya and Pussy Grabber Trump is child sex trafficking convict Jeffrey Epstein, who pimped young girls out of Mar-A-Lago for Trump and his “business deals”. One of those girls, a 13-year-old, was raped by Trump and subsequently filed a lawsuit against Trump: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4164082/Pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-accused-new-sex-traffick-case.html. Have you ever heard Me-Layin’-Ya complain about this activity within her own home?? And you NEVER will as Me-Layin’-Ya’s a willing participant. Me-Layin’-Ya even stood by her pimp husband who attempted to rape a reporter. She is the consummate “bottom bitch”: knows her place, stands by her predator husband/pimp, and spends money to surround herself with material possessions she equates with wealth, all to forget all she sees daily.

Trump also fired local NYC/US girls hired for prostitution out of Trump Tower NYC and replaced them with cheaper, European girls whose travel visas and pay were more easily controlled by Trump. Me-Layin’-Ya also helped style and groom the girls for sex acts with clients to close deals. This is WELL-DOCUMENTED in both NYC and Trump’s tax returns, which he will never disclose because of all of the phony, fraudulent businesses as well as numerous YUGE false declarations in Trump AND Me-Layin’-Ya’s tax returns for the purpose of fraud, prostitution and money laundering.

Me-Layin’-Ya’s history is being whitewashed, while we’re supposed to accept the continual and current bashing of former intelligent, accomplished First Ladies with beyond admirable qualities. And… how can we forget this:

The bashing of Michelle Obama over her bare arms:

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Nude model MeLayinYa vs. intelligent, admirable, accomplished, non-dick-jumping, Michelle Obama

Meanwhile, Me-Layin’-Ya’s entire historical path to the White House involving BARING ALL!!!

If this article is not appropriate for Facebook: https://nypost.com/2016/08/01/melania-trumps-girl-on-gi/rl-photos-from-racy-shoot-revealed, then Me-Layin’-Ya Trump ISN’T appropriate for Facebook as she’s a literal, sex-sales marketer, pornographer and child sex trafficking abetter.

Sex sales marketer/porn star Melania (Me-Layin’-Ya) Trump, who entered USA undocumented (illegally)

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