Black Lives Matter, Unless It’s My Life!

#blacklivesmatter... unless it's Tamra's life!

Black Lives Matter, UNLESS it’s Tamra’s life, which does not matter.

David Pakman, the “tech” advisor for Venrock, a Rockefeller company

Here's Venrock's David Pakman providing advice to Jay Z. where was Pakman to provide advice to Jay Z while he was in Marcy projects? oh wait, Pakman isn't interested in inner city ideas or inventions. but if you make it, he's on your jock!

Ain’t this some shit?! David Pakman wasn’t and wouldn’t be checking for Jay Z if he was still in Marcy Housing Projects OR anyone poor. But watch him ride Jay Z’s jock., a Rockefeller family scandal, but hey, free $$ for you!

In case you haven’t heard, but here’s something everyone should know, and no one should be denied funding by, Massey Burch or BayMark Partners, given $22 million was so casually given to Channler Drawdy, a Ponzi schemer, AFTER he defrauded others, via a Ponzi scheme. If you are told you don’t qualify for funds,… Continue reading, a Rockefeller family scandal, but hey, free $$ for you!, no different from street thugs

including with Thug Misses to match! wassup Kathleen Byrnes, oh my bad, it’s K-Bitch-Dawg now. which makes Cathy Brewer Lil C-Bitch-Dawg now, watch these insensitive clowns will show up to work on Halloween dressed as thugs and video hoochies just to confirm the jackasses they really are. ——- Venrock has added David Siminoff to its team. the question… Continue reading, no different from street thugs