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Venrock has added David Siminoff to its team. the question is: did Siminoff need Venrock, or did Venrock need Siminoff?

well, let me give you the gossip….

to test the people don’t read theory, or that not everyone gets the same opportunities, sending out this non joke. funding is available in all areas (media, healthcare, technology, security, etc.)

**Need Millions Of Dollars For Your Business Or Pleasure??**

Well, contact either of these three organizations:

1. – A Laurance Rockefeller family company – – West Coast office, ask for Eric Copeland (650-475-3723), Ray Rothrock (650-475-3718 or 561-9580), or Tony Sun (650-475-3716). Or contact their New York, NY or Cambridge, MA offices if more convenient.

2. BayMark Partners – David Hook or Norma Schwarz (972-991-5457)

3. Massey Burch – Bill Earthman or Teresa Core (615-665-3225)

And make sure to tell them Tamra referred you, therefore, you should NOT be denied for any reason. If Channler Drawdy ( ) was given $22 Million to play around with, you should NOT be denied under any circumstances. Prior to Venrock, Massey Burch and Dali-Hook providing Drawdy $22 million and more, Drawdy had beyond jacked up credit AND IRS liens in his credit report from *previously* defrauding others. Yet, without checking his credentials to manage $22 million, Venrock, Massey Burch and Dali-Hook (now BayMark Partners) funded him $22 million anyway.

Within 6 months, Drawdy blew the $22 million, AND THEN he was paid a generous sum to leave Therefore, you should be able to receive whatever you need for any reason. And don’t worry about not having experience or not doing well with your business. Venrock, Massey Burch and BayMark Partners will simply write off the loss and collect a generous tax break.

I’d be shocked if you are, but if you are denied, turn around and class action sue either or all for discrimination given $22 million was given to Drawdy with no questions asked. Drawdy’s fraudulent history has been well documented before and after Venrock.

Venrock does not practice discretion when giving away millions. Just ask and its unethical managers. Their management team, including Drawdy, didn’t even meet their basic criteria for funding. They were even given access to employee data, which was used for fraud by Drawdy – Drawdy was applying for credit in employees’ names.

And FEDERAL banking funds are not just for their friends. All sorts of ideas could have been funded with $22 million, and could have helped economy.

Laurance Rockefeller’s philosophy was to help others, not participate in destroying others while in a position to make a difference. He generously gave away $$, and even funded Spellman College – the historic college for black women.

—–Original Message—–
From: Tamra
CC: <redacted>
Subject: your press release on Venrock contained lies

Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 19:37:47 -0400

first big one: “Venrock has always focused on people. …” THAT is a bold faced lie or I wouldn’t have lost my life’s income simply by taking a job at one of their investments which led to a convicted securities fraud being paid off AFTER manipulating careers of others, as well as applying for credit in the employees’ names

it is time to be more honest in your communications and stop covering up the lies – Live Learn

no extensive business plan needed, Channler Drawdy didn’t have one, nor the experience. he simply talked his way into $22 million –

so once again, I can’t stress enough how minority or disadvantaged businesses will INTENTIONALLY not be reached out to. so it is up to you to contact if interested in funding. this opportunity won’t come knocking. :)

“Nicole Pack”
Press Release

Source: Venrock

Venrock Raises $600 Million for Global Venture Investing
Wednesday April 25, 8:01 am ET

Venrock Continues Rockefeller Family Tradition of Investing in Entrepreneurs, Across a Diversified Landscape

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Venrock today announced the formation of Venrock V and will invest $600 million in entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas in technology, healthcare, media and energy. Drawing on the investing practices of its Rockefeller family founders, Venrock has delivered consistently superior performance since its inception in 1969. With the close of Venrock V, the firm holds approximately $2 billion under management.

“With nearly 40 years in the venture business, Venrock is focused on the visionaries who want to build companies that shape the future,” said Tony Sun, managing general partner, Venrock. “This fund continues our heritage in funding early-stage ventures across technology and healthcare, with an expanded emphasis on media, energy and international ventures.”

Venrock has invested in entrepreneurs charting new advancements in cancer and HIV treatments, powering semiconductors and the digital era, securing the nation’s information technology infrastructure, pioneering on-line advertising, and generating power through alternative means. Venrock V has already funded its first company, Storm Exchange, Inc., a financial technology company that is helping corporations maximize shareholder value by reducing the financial impact of unplanned weather on earnings.

“Venrock has always focused on people. We partner with entrepreneurs, sharing expertise and counsel and working hard throughout a company’s development, and this has allowed us to consistently create significant, enduring companies,” said Bryan Roberts, managing general partner, Venrock. “As a pioneer in healthcare venture capital, we will continue to seek out the most innovative and energetic teams commercializing the best biotech, healthcare IT and medical device ideas in the world.”

Siminoff Joins Media Investment Efforts

Venrock today also announced its expanded leadership team with the addition of David Siminoff, 42, who joins as general partner focused on media ventures. There are early signs that the media world will ultimately embrace the technology world and Siminoff’s entrepreneurial, operational and investment knowledge and experience makes him an asset to the entrepreneur.

Siminoff founded and later sold EastNet, a syndicate barter company, enabling television stations in Eastern Europe to trade American TV programs for advertising time from major brands. He spent nearly a decade in investment research analysis and portfolio management at Capital Research, making early investments in Yahoo!, AOL, Amazon and eBay. He later funded and co-founded 4INFO, a leading mobile search service, and most recently, he served as chairman, president and CEO of Spark Networks, a provider of on-line personal services and the parent company to JDate. Siminoff earned his B.A. with honors and M.B.A. from Stanford University and an M.F.A from the USC Film School.

“These are extraordinary times for venture investing across a spectrum of emerging markets on an international scale as well as new technology sectors and there is no shortage of entrepreneurs with good ideas,” said Ray Rothrock, managing general partner,Venrock. “Venrock has a history of recognizing big trends where we can apply capital and strategy to build meaningful companies, create jobs and produce outstanding investment returns. We see this now in the media and energy sectors, where new market dynamics have created a perfect storm and novel companies can offer a substantial, long-term impact.”

About Venrock

Venrock is a premier venture capital firm with offices in Menlo Park, New York, Cambridge, MA, and Israel. Originally established as the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family, Venrock continues a seven-decade tradition of partnering with entrepreneurs to establish successful, enduring companies. Having invested $1.8 billion in 400 companies resulting in over 120 IPOs over the past 38 years, Venrock’s investment returns place it among the top tier venture capital firms that have achieved consistently superior performance. With a primary focus on technology, healthcare, and energy, portfolio companies have included Apple Computer, Centocor, Check Point Software, DoubleClick, Gilead Sciences, Idec Pharmaceuticals, Illumina, Intel, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Sirna Therapeutics, and StrataCom. For more information, please visit Venrock’s website at .


Horn Group, Inc. for Venrock
Nicole Pack, 415-905-4035 Source: Venrock

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 13:25:51 -0400
Subject: Fw: your press release on Venrock contained lies
To: <redacted>

per Ms. Pack, it is her and her company’s job to print non-factual information to boost the credibility of non-credible organizations and organizations which work diligently to cover up corporate fraud. this is why Ms. Pack and her company are paid the big bucks, which in this case comes directly from banking/investment funds

reference: – Live Learn


—–Original Message—–
From: Tamra
Subject:, just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked by anything new
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 20:44:58 -0400

again, NO ONE should be denied funding after the information received today!

so while you guys are writing “fluff” pieces to attempt to improve the reputation of creeps and frauds, I’ll keep exposing Venrock for what it is: dishonest, unethical, irresponsible and lacking common sense.

today spoke with David Stepp, legal counsel for Venrock. and his comments speak directly to the credibility, or lack thereof, of Venrock and its staff.

Stepp feels

Venrock is not responsible for the actions of Channler Drawdy ( ) shortly after Venrock, Massey Burch and Dali-Hook provided $22 million in funding for SteelEye. per Stepp, Venrock simply provided the funding

– even though Drawdy didn’t meet their criteria for investment. 

this statement of Stepp is also completely false because Venrock was on the board for, and Rothrock, Copeland and Roberts nodded away to and provided direction for each financial and employment decision of Drawdy. – Live Learn

also in several audio recordings, one of which was created by the California Unemployment Appeals Board (my copy is available), Drawdy stated his (illegal and dishonest) actions towards me were done on behalf of the board (Rothrock, Copeland, Roberts, David Hook/Dali-Hook (now BayMark) and Bill Earthman/Massey Burch). Drawdy’s actions were made on behalf of Venrock to cover up his fraud which Venrock subsequently led to Drawdy being paid off to leave quietly, while leaving me w/a laptop and audio recordings and other documentation related to Drawdy, and then expecting me to go away quietly after relocating for this investment.

only Drawdy can state why he manipulated Sue Ellery and Tom Hunter out of the company, the company Sue Ellery started. it is not a mystery as to why Drawdy was vindictive towards me – I witnessed his physical abuse towards his wife after he had an affair with Maria Scott, which I also witnessed. I was also THE MOST vocal about the need for 15 managers over a 30 team staff, and they were all overpriced managers. my objections verbally and in writing led to Drawdy’s email (see Wall of Shame – for copy of that email) to the entire company stating he was in charge and following the instructions of the board (Venrock, Dali-Hook Partners/David Hook, Bill Earthman/Massey Burch). shortly after this, the SteelEye investment w/Drawdy completely in charge, began to plummet quickly. and based upon the foundation that Drawdy built, I wouldn’t trust SteelEye to secure a cup of dirty water for me.

but again, Stepp boldly lied by stating today, Venrock was not responsible for Drawdy and that investments simply fail. however, as investors, it is their responsibility to follow their codes of ethics, follow thru on management criteria especially the criteria to make sound financial decisions, and invest responsibly. Venrock didn’t check the credibility of Drawdy’s statements that they were nodding to in board meetings. Venrock, nor Hook Partners or Massey Burch, just didn’t care, they were completely irresponsible as investors or humans. and now they want to play the “our hands are clean” game.

Drawdy, again prior to entering into agreement with SteelEye/Venrock, had IRS liens and other information in his credit report from previously defrauding others. (ref. Dave Young) and at time of SteelEye funding, Drawdy was under investigation by the Kansas state SEC which led to his conviction.

and Stepp is a graduate of Harvard, which speaks directly to my unrelated paper on British-ruled slavery, European immigration during Jim Crow, and the resulting leaders of this country – where they hail from, and their ethics in relation to diversity, truth and “exclusive” practices. the irony is the paper was written during the height of immigration protests a couple of years ago and after a public conversation with a known Ku Klux Klansman. the paper reflected my views as a 16th-generation pre-slavery, African-American and the irony/incredibility of the klansman’s complaints, given Harvard grads and post-slavery Euro-immigrants like Stepp are in charge.

By TamraNYC

Official* Stalker and Terrorizer of Cop Killers, Organized Criminals, White Collar Criminals, and Rapists and their Coverups! *official docs to back up that PROUD badge of honor!

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