Black Lives Matter, Unless It’s My Life!

#blacklivesmatter... unless it's Tamra's life!

Black Lives Matter, UNLESS it’s Tamra’s life, which does not matter.

So many believe NY AG Eric Schneiderman is actually helping Robert Mueller.

Eric Schneiderman, a consummate friend of white collar-frauds.

Trust me, Eric Schneiderman is proudly riding #TrumpTrain, with kickbacks to keep him comfy-cozy and his conscience null and void, just like Manhattan DA Cy Vance and his deputy DA Michael Gordon

Missed this during #BridgeGate red-herring?

The red herring, which distracted millions from biggest fraud in New Jersey's history, Pressler & Pressler

While all eyes were on #Bridgegate, top white collar frauds, connected to Chris Christie, were running amuck, UNCHECKED.