NYC spends $30 Million++ for Me-Layin’-Ya, an undocumented, sex sales worker

Sex sales marketer and porn star Melania (Me-Layin’-Ya) Trump entered USA undocumented (illegally). Her primary purpose for entry into USA: nude pornography, videos, etc., etc. It’s the “etc., etc.”, that Me-Layin’-Ya and GOP want to whitewash. Yea, good luck with that!

After Me-Layin’-Ya captured the attention of Pussy Grabber via sex, sex and more sex, through ADULTERY, she became Pussy Grabber’s THIRD WIFE.

Speaking of sex, sex and more sex, Pussy Grabber also runs teen escorts out of NYC Trump Tower to “close deals”. The teen prostitution escort business is also on Pussy Grabber’s tax returns, which he is refusing to disclose. One of those teen sex workers for Pussy Grabber had audacity to use fake income to apply for HPD (rent stabilized, low-income) apartment in Harlem. She’s just as unlawful as Me-Layin’-Ya’s entrance into USA!

Now, because Me-Layin’-Ya can’t divorce Mr. Vicious, the city of New York is forced to pay for her security nonsense PLUS luxury residence. Pussy Grabber’s past two divorces were beyond contentious, especially with Pussy Grabber being his usual vindictive self. Pussy Grabber even filed bankruptcy to hide assets from one ex-wife.

If Me-Layin’-Ya had any common sense, she’d start f*cking a Secret Service member and get LIFETIME protection from a vile Pussy Grabber, plus that would help her keep her son away from Pussy Grabber before Barron Trump turns into a savage like Pussy Grabber’s older sons, Pussy Grabber’s ENTIRE admin, or Barron’s whore mother!

Oh, think I’m being mean? Well, THIS proves otherwise: — see article from one of Pussy Grabber’s resources, The Gateway Pundit, that Pussy Grabber himself has REPEATEDLY promoted. The article is exclusively about Barack Obama’s mother’s nude photos while referring to Obama’s mother as a whore!

But let’s hope ALL from Pussy Grabber’s administration are indicted so that we’re not stuck with paying for a lifetime of Secret Service protection for garbage!

In the meantime, military child care centers across the country have been forced to shut down, while a Pussy Grabber’s whore, Me-Layin’-Ya, lives lavishly at the expense of others.

We’re Spending $30 Million For Me-Layin’-Ya To Live In NYC As Pussy Grabber Suspends Military Child Care

I have ZERO sympathy or empathy for Me-Layin’-Ya!!! She’s made her unethical choice, and even though she’s in a miserable, sexless marriage with an impotent, raging, imbecile, it’s HER choice to stay with him.

But… bitch, move to Washington, D.C.! Hire a PRIVATE tutor for your son who doesn’t stand a chance among savages anyway, and stop using school as an excuse to drain NYC’s funds for your disgusting, skank whore ass!

‘I f*cking hate Melania Trump’: Dan Savage rips ‘undeservedly charitable view’ of the first lady

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