More confirmation that today’s GOP IS Strom Thurmond’s GOP!

Pussy Grabber-tRump has always admired Iowa’s US Representative Steve King. Steve King consistently legislated with Michele Bachmann AND Mike Pence, which is how I first noticed Mike Pence in 2008. The three of them were always pictured together AND attended same hate-based events. I wondered who were the other two guys always flanking Michele Bachmann as she was screaming about “white jesus” and “sinners”, and discovered they were Mike Pence and Steve King. Then I viewed their voting records, yes, Pence’s too. WHOAAAAA.

Thus, why I’m not surprised by this latest “white nationalist speaking festival”, but I’m more surprised that Iowa keeps electing a known racist with hate and disdain for Native Indians, whose land he sits on, while constantly opining about “this is the white man’s land”, and legislating via “whites only mentality”.

I was also not surprised that Pussy Grabber-tRump selected Mike Pence as his VP. Pussy Grabber is the son of a klansman, and Pence’s voting record pays homage to Indiana kkk grand dragon, D.C. (David Curtiss) Stephen. Pence quickly sealed his voting record while vying for the nation’s highest office, White House, as a lawmaker. If Pence was so honest and decent, what reason would he have to seal his voting record? Pence is also fighting to seal his extremist emails while legislating in Indiana, emails that were non-secure and on public service. There is not one klansman that doesn’t adore and swoon over Pence. Gee, I wonder why?

BUT… what is surprising to me: the number of today’s GOP, including an ignorant neighbor, who say “Dems are kkk” while sitting among today’s kkk daily!

The past couple of days have confirmed where confederates-kkk migrated to after Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson signed both the Civil and Voting Rights Acts, a migration that began with confederate-kkk-Strom Thurmond, who co-authored “The Southern Manifesto“. Today’s GOP will try and say deflecting things such as, “Lyndon B. Johnson was kkk too”. FALSE! Johnson fought against kkk as a child and knew their hateful hearts. His speeches also confirm this, but as usual today’s GOP doesn’t read anything that doesn’t promote their agenda, OR even listen given LBJ’s speeches are also in audio format via LBJ’s library of history BEFORE and AFTER his term as both VP and President.

So… on March 12, 2017, Steve King quoted and tweeted praise for a Dutch white nationalist, Geert Wilders. Convicted felon and kkk grand dragon David Duke then praised Steve King’s tweet and praise for their fellow culturally ignorant white nationalist, while all three were making incendiary statement about non-whites.

And you know who else praises Steve King and Geert Wilders? Both Pussy Grabber AND Steve Bannon, who featured Steve King’s words repeatedly on Breitbart. Steve King, through Bannon, also repeatedly promoted a “white nationalist bible” via Breitbart, “A Camp Of The Saints“. However, no promotion was necessary, as Bannon was also a major fan of the same “white nationalist bible”.

Steve King retweets and promotes a white nationalist. Dream on Steve King! We were here before you and will be here to close the door when you leave!

Geert Wilders who gives Dutch a bad name. If you know the history of our country prior to 1699, you’d know how ignorant Wilders and his followers are.

surprise, surprise, surprise… well, actually I’m not the least bit surprised, as klan does as a klan is!

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