#badgradestrump’s “Lion Guard”, a Nazi era throwback

the meaning AND purpose behind these two flags are the same. except Germany had enough sense to outlaw Nazi flags and related memorabilia, while U.S. uses taxpayer funds to honor the same type of misguided and offensive "beings" as Nazis: confederates

In additional to :kkk: ku klux klan, :hitler: neo-Nazis and “Make America White Again” robocallers and cheerleaders for Donald Trump, meet Trump’s latest Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda machine, and aptly named to honor Mussolini:

The Lions of Trump :lmfao:


First, they’re HISTORICALLY ignorant. They believe THEY’RE the victims. Then again, don’t ALL neo-confederates, kkk :kkk: and neo-Nazis think they’re the ones who were cheated out of opportunities by non-whites and Jews?? Somehow they forget their own history, including RIGHT OUTSIDE OF CHICAGO:




facebook.com/140162739346559/photos/ …880220648674094

They’re somehow the “good guys“, the “saints who’ve never done any wrong“, who’ve ONLY displayed “love and kindness“, :violin: while deliberately omitting their own ancestry and history in every other area of MY country!! :nay: :nay:

Second, they forget their family migrated to MY country DURING Jim Crow, an era when non-whites and Jews were denied the same taxpayer funded rights as their “granddaddy/daddy who came here with nothing and made something for himself”, thanks to ZERO competition and sole requirement, including without so much as a high school diploma, “MUST BE WHITE”.

Non-whites and Jews were denied housing, jobs (INCLUDING government jobs for which their taxes funded), public education which their taxes also funded) and even the right to exist. Non-whites and Jews were killed at will, including while or after serving in military and by government funded sheriff’s officers, who didn’t even have more than 6th grade education. And to add insult to injury, non-whites and Jews taxes funded Ellis Island for the migration of their equally ignorant granddaddy/daddy which joined in happily with “Whites Only” policies.

But NOW they’re ANGRY and aren’t taking it anymore. They want everyone else to “fall back” behind this type of garbage. :wait: WTF?!!

:clap: :cheers: I, for one, am glad persons like this are angry! Because if they’re HAPPY, it’s “Jim Crow” or slavery again. But thanks to hatriots like this becoming extinct, let’s all sit back and laugh as this group riles itself up to another Palin-style epic 2008 loss.

But I do hope FBI treats this group in the same way kkk domestic terrorists are treated given they’re creating a hit list of liberals and even assumed liberals. They’re sending out the Joseph Goebbels’ type “JEWWWWWWWW” nazi cry, which in turn, riles up one of their base to take action, action which we’ve seen from the likes of Jerad Miller, Robert Lewis Dear Jr. and the entire reich-wing of @GOP!

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By Meet The GOP

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