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Meet Gary P. Jackson, a "contributor" for Sarah Palin-supported sites

May 16, 2012 8:08pm EST/NYC


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Hatriot Gary P Jackson for Sarah Palin
Hatriot Gary P Jackson

Meet Gary P. Jackson, On various sites, including Twitter, Gary P. Jackson is promoting a story with the title "Liberal, Black Female…"

I first saw the story via its promotion on my own Small Rivers paper. *sickening* But um, explain "liberal" AND "black"? Are those two words combined the new-GOP kiss of death or the new Nazi-like "JEWWWSSSS" cry to summon the hatriot flock to take action to eliminate? Anywhooo, Jackson wants his readers to know that a liberal, black female made death threats to his precious and non-divisive Sarah Palin (yes, HE REALLY DID STATE THIS 😲).

Soooo... Gary P. Jackson, I see your supposed death threats to his precious Sarah Palin, and raise you my own bomb and death threats and repeated derogatory attacks received from conservatives for over a 4-year period. The conservative death threats and attacks, including from MILITARY personnel, were DIRECTED TO ME FOR NOT HATING President Obama, gays, liberals, non-whites, Democrats, Muslims, and ANYTHING the "christian constitutionalists" did not like!

Jackson's hilarious response: the persons in this post (who are mostly Breitbart contributors and insiders) are just rednecks and ignorant, they are not "conservatives" at all. Um, that would be news to all those Breitbart folks, especially Kurt Schlichter.

But Jackson used the same insulting, demeaning and self-appointed authoritative tone, as the hatriots featured in this blog, as well as this post — zero decency, launched conversation with name calling (did not know me and this was our first conversation), and used profanity, yet I was simply conveying factual incidents to him. And, of course, Jackson was DISMISSIVE, especially towards a Breibart staffer sending death threats to a media member. Hmmm, perhaps he did not see this new info from Matt Taibbi — scroll to "UPDATE" area where Taibbi describes the attack on his family and home from "Breitbarters." However, I was actually referring to a prior incident that was very much documented with local law enforcement. But Jackson, again, is the authoritarian on all things conservative and he says "conservatives just do not do this kinda stuff." 😐 Really?

Jackson, who is of Democrat-kkk heritage (irony 😲), also threw out this typical rhetoric: Democrat is the party of hate and kkk, but ONCE AGAIN, left out the fact that he NOW sits among his legacy, as kkk-Dixiecrats-confederate sympathizers-white separatists flocked to GOP after the passage of Civil Rights (1964) and Voting Rights (1965) Acts, passed by Democrat Lyndon Johnson. Lyndon Johnson knew hate all too well, as his family, like my own, was the subject of repeated ku klux klan attacks and had zero tolerance for them because he has seen their "work". After passing Civil and Voting Rights Acts, Johnson stated the southern vote was lost forever. And was he ever right! Oh, and Jackson with his kkk-Dem rhetoric also validated the words on the "welcome" page of this blog, while tanking what little credibility he THOUGHT he had.

Jackson also wanted me to know he is the REAL-DEAL conservative. The persons described in this blog (which he was also directed to) and persons surrounding the Breitbart-military Gold Star mom and her bomb threat crew are not part of his party. Perhaps Jackson needs to send out a memo, especially to these prominent members?! Jackson's blog with my comments and his replies in case he tries to save face: (online .pdf file) — oh and the additional comments which named actual Breitbart members were *not* approved by Mr. Conservative, Gary P. Jackson.

But I also opted to receive e-mail notifications of his replies, which are directly linked to him as well.

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🔗 Gary P. Jackson a racist contributor for Sarah Palin

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