Meet The GOP

Meet Today's Strom Thurmond GOP

Fake conservatives, fake christians, internalized racists, neo-nazis, kkk, and more.

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Apr 24, 2012 3:45pm EST/NYC


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Asking for the liberals hated by conservatives.

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hatriots, fake Christians (claim to love/follow Christ, but their every word is pure evil), hypocritical conservatives (they conserve nor protect NOTHING, just attack like rabid, wild dogs, and are NO DIFFERENT than any other extremists including the ones they hate), kkk/white nationalists (terrorists), nazis and pro-nazis (pure evil and kkk's twin), Libertarians (want govt to control their states' rights slaves), fake Constitutionalists (if they were actually forced to LIVE 24/7 BY THE WORDS of the constitution, they'd go literally APE SHIT), DIXIECRATS (what has infected once progressive GOP since Voting & Civil Rights Acts passed, YES the ONCE kkk-Dems who jumped into GOP because of their hatred of non-whites), and "ignant" non-voters just "keepin' it real" (yeah, real dumb). If you're one of these persons, don't waste my time as you waste valuable time!

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Don't want to post a comment, but need to "get something off your chest"? Send e-mail to "rw at" or use mail form, and I'll get back to you if necessary. But given unsolicited comments captured here, I suspect I'll be forwarding "christian hatriot" e-mails to appropriate persons.

And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE... home   /   privacy   /   site map   /   about   /   holla