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Meet Today's Strom Thurmond GOP

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Apparently, all "the blacks" should adhere to the doctrine of Larry Elder.

Apr 26, 2015 7:37am EST/NYC


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The Replicas of Sons of confederate Vets and rapist Strom Thurmond

Per twitter user "Jackie," JacqueALantern, all black people should immediately fall inline with internalized racist Larry Elder.waymenit

First, I had to look up who Larry Elder was. I went all the way around the world (with Bing, "who is Larry Elder"), only to come back to twitter to see >I have already blocked him LMFAO , and clearly a long time ago, as I do not even remember his name, but his views are still extreme, shocking, offensive, disturbing, and lawn jockey-based views.

Once again, conservatives are ONLY accepting/tolerant of non-whites, IF persons speak their authorized words, submit to their will, placate their hate, and are willing to stand out front like a lawn jockey to make an offensive statement on their behalf.  waymenit

Here is "JacqueALantern" scolding because he/she is tired of the Republican bashing. And this scolding was after showing him/her this blog, which captures members of its own party. But how this all started… peep these tweets, which started from @BRios82 highlighting examples of GOP's racism:
.@NikkiMoi Sure you have. here is more.— Benny (@BRios82) April 25, 2015

um... party of Strom Thurmond,  (hitler trash)  (kkk low-lifes) much?
.@NikkiMoi You have nothing. Lol. More examples.— Benny (@BRios82) April 25, 2015
.@NikkiMoi We are. We accept everyone. You're blind to facts. here is one example of your bigoted GOP members.— Benny (@BRios82) April 25, 2015

😵 JUST WOW at the above! 😳

And here comes Jackie, as an official spokesperson for today's Strom Thurmond-GOP. "JacqueALantern" starts off by declaring "liberalism is a problem" and Democrats should be segregated from, abandoned, left behind, to fix what he/she perceives as THE problem. He/she states in regards to Bruce Jenner's interview, not all Republicans are alike, but starts off conversation with a complete stranger with same as Jim Crow benefactors Kurt Schlichter and Adam S. Baldwin. - and note comment of (Annyah L Hasler @anyalhas). Yeah, um okay, given Civil and Voting Rights Acts, and who enacted them both vs. who abandoned their party to protest against both, and still are protesting against Civil and Voting Rights.

@anyalhas @tamranyc @GOP @BRios82 @NikkiMoi— Jackie (@jacquealantern) April 26, 2015 -- note she can not spell my username, it is not as important as getting her hatriot point across.

@tamrany "Your nonchalant allegiance to Democrats damages the country in general and the black community in particular." LElder— Jackie (@jacquealantern) April 26, 2015

.@jacquealantern so your'e saying to me, a registered Independent, that I should break away from all Democrats, segregate from them?— Tamra M Cronin (@tamranyc) April 26, 2015

.@jacquealantern so let me see if I understand this: liberalism is something to be eradicted, fixed? @anyalhas @GOP @BRios82 @NikkiMoi— Tamra M Cronin (@tamranyc) April 26, 2015
@tamranyc @larryelder Just weary of the constant Republican bashing and some that believe if you're not a Dem ur a racist. Not true.— Jackie (@jacquealantern) April 26, 2015

Instead of simply trying to get to know who I am first, now he/she wants to know about me after realizing his/her statements to me WERE general bashing of liberals and Democrats. He/she even followed me on twitter, which he/she has the right to do, but I have the right to ignore.
@tamranyc Are you a Veteran?— Jackie (@jacquealantern) April 26, 2015
@tamranyc just wondered from looking at your profile. I was going to thank you for your service.— Jackie (@jacquealantern) April 26, 2015
@tamranyc I can do that, only wish it would help. We owe our military & their families far more than they have received.— Jackie (@jacquealantern) April 26, 2015

😐 Here is the thing about Jim Crow Benefactors: they want to know who/what you are, before they will treat you humanely, even if you are polite, or just standing in their presence. And once they find out you do not agree with their hatriotism, their savage ways are instantly displayed. Whereas in this country, we have a democracy. You are free to pick whichever political party you want, vote as you choose (when your vote is not being suppressed). You are free to express your views as long as your views are not the equivalent of shouting "fire in a movie theater," i.e., encouraging harm or blocking movements and basic civil rights of others. Ironically while today's Strom Thurmond-GOP screams, "tyranny," they are encouraging harm, blocking movements and obstructing civil rights of others. Meanwhile, liberals want to be all-inclusive, regarding basic and civil rights, the basic to exist AFTER born.

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🔗 Larry Elder

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And Then, There's Always This...

Confederates are not heroes nor brave men! They're the worst of ANY society!
kkk LOSER and creep Nathan Bedford Forrest

Cretin-confederates WERE scheduled to be AND should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended, if they did NOT pledge allegiance to the UNITED STATES. Low-life confederates have only pledged allegiance to the lost-cause-confederacy, thus all their confederate monuments, street naming, etc. during the Civil Rights movement. Low-life confederates have provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder. President Lincoln, Secretary of State William Seward and Thaddeus Stevens were 100% correct about the evil hearts of confederates. Look at their hateful legislation TODAY, and everyday. Now, low-life confederates attempting to overthrow our government via courts/SCOTUS, on behalf of worst persons on earth, led by 🦇💩🤪🍊🤡! READ MORE... home   /   privacy   /   site map   /   about   /   holla