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Meet GOP christian Pete Stuffings a/k/a jdennis115

Apr 19, 2015 8:21pm EST/NYC


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WTF GOP where did all these racists come from?
Pete Stuffings aka jdennis115, another GOP white supremacist.

Definition of christian:

1. of, relating to, or derived from Jesus Christ or His teachings: a Christian faith.

2. of, pertaining to, believing in, or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

3. of or relating to Christians.

4. exhibiting a spirit proper to a follower of Jesus Christ; Christlike:

She/he displayed true Christian charity.

5. decent; respectable.

6. human; not brutal; humane: [em]Such behavior is not Christian.[/em] hmmm... NOT BRUTAL, HUMANE (now take a look at their twitter bio and 24/7 words)

7. a person who believes in Jesus Christ; adherent of Christianity.

8. a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ.

9. a member of any of certain Protestant churches, as the Disciples of Christ and the Plymouth Brethren.

10. the hero of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

11. a male given name.

Now… look at the words/pages of "Pete Stuffings" (@jdennis115), who thinks that abortion is the only harm to babies, and apparently does not know that poverty is the number one child killer worldwide, while he/she sits among wealthy pretend-christians, such as Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Joel Olsteen.

But it is clear that "Pete Stuffings" a/k/a @jdennis115 is either #10 LMFAO or #11 above, and not anything related to numbers 1-9, seriously! His words can mirror right alongside (kkk low-lifes) or  (hitler trash) 's words, without ANY confusion as to what their beliefs are. 😐

How their UNSOLICITED comments began — me simply replying NOT to them, BUT solely and directly to John Fugelsang. then came the twitter gang attacks from:

@Trunthepaige, @kevinlicklider, @BayAreaFan2, @Bygones_II, then @mt_newman

and never heard of/saw either before today  waymenit

And the comedy here: "mt_newman" discussing charity and christianity, while professing rabid love of guns in their bio. 😐 Charity and christianity begin with gun violence and love of guns, I guess??

@tamranyc The single largest source of non governmental aid to Africa is Christian charity. Get a clue dude. @JohnFugelsang

— Mike Newman (@mt_newman) April 19, 2015

@mt_newman what churches are those? it certainly is not @GovMikeHuckabee or @joelosteen's or one associated w/ @heritage? @JohnFugelsang

— Tamra M Cronin (@tamranyc) April 20, 2015

@mt_newman should not you be asking your FELLOW christians w/ WEALTH why poverty is #1 CHILD KILLER?

— Tamra M Cronin (@tamranyc) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang Tamra, do not forget your pills today, sweetie.

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang actually abortion is probably #1

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang here comes the athiest ignorance and vitrol

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang one you feign to care about, the other one you're indifferent about. Do baby lives matter or what?

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang I do not really grip your logic

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@mt_newman @tamranyc Figured.. I do not understand poverty b/c of fetuses...and stuff

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang This is about the point where lefties realize their logic is flawed and they start clamming and blocking

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

and when "Pete" doesn't receive a non-humble response, you know a non-Christlike-turn-other-cheek response, he then attacks more with prejudiced assumptions about me being Muslim which ironically he hates (as a christian). apparently "Pete" doesn't know Muslims actually accept and acknowledge Christ, moreso than he/she does.

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang I am Muslim, so my intolerance is okay, right?

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman @JohnFugelsang Full disclaimer: I am really not Muslim. Just jacking with her value core

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

"Just jacking with her value core"? But this statement confirms why their words are no different from  (kkk low-lifes)

@tamranyc @mt_newman actually not Muslim. Just pissed that you judge one religion but not the other. Be fair at least

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman you clench teeth @ what US Christians "feel" yet silent on Muslims with knives

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman I am angry about idiots thinking they have all the answers and bashing everyone else. You're not a lighthouse.

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman Just odd your first outlash is against Christian feeling and not Muslim murders in name of faith.. F-d value system

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman Not perfect. You must teach me how to be

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman As a seeker of knowledge, I am inclined to say you're right

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman It would not appease your kind if I was, so what's the difference.

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

@tamranyc @mt_newman Re-read the thread and get back to me

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

shrug beating dead horse violin

And, of course, as the christian they claim to be, they could not just end with anything kind, loving or Christlike, but ended with this instead:

@tamranyc @mt_newman Glad I could provide fuel for the batshit crazy blog you have. do not forget to feed the cats

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

Loving and inviting, huh? but their words blend in seamingless with the other unsolicited words. Oh, and he also posted a comment, calling me a "bully," AFTER their entire group ganged up on me, UNSOLICITED, with one comment after another. That whole cast first stone thing, I guess.

@tamranyc @mt_newman Final thought: Spouting your views on Twitter invites feedback. Otherwise post on or your blog

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015


Now, it is getting funny, "he/she is" telling me to leave twitter and go to something like CNN if I do not want feedback from anyone. 😐 "S/he" STILL does not understand. LMFAO And "S/he" still does not understand why I have not blocked it yet, and why I am not riled up over their words. They are puzzled, because they are soooo used to attacking (as a christian-label user) and not stopping their precious attacks (as a christian-label user), until the person is destroyed/silenced. But their every single response is priceless and golden for many to see. There is zero point in explaining or reasoning anything with them, just put their words on display, and let their own words speak for themselves and their party all the way to the polls.

@tamranyc @mt_newman Just sayin'...If you do not want "unsolicited feedback" Twitter is a bad outlet for you

— Pete Stuffings (@jdennis115) April 20, 2015

And for some reason, this tweet was deleted.



Their "christian" words 24/7 below: do you see anything Christ-like in their words?

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