David Jones explains God & Constitution

But @davidjones720 doesn’t want to hear ANYTHING about slavery, slaughter of Native Americans while stealing their land, slaughter of Latino Americans and Chinese Americans, or Jim Crow, KKK :kkk: (the era his ancestors view as the “land of opportunity and freedoms before all these other problems came along”. That’s someone else’s problem, not his. Those things happened in a far off place that had nothing to do with him or what his ancestors have “brought to this nation”.

If you won’t listen to him and his misguided views and keep bringing up historical eras, @davidjones720 wants to tell you about “God” and “liberty” and he “got low tolerance to bullshit!”

um hatriot-boy, I’m not the one on twitter complaining about my country! I LOVE my country and all the people IN IT! he wants this country to contain ONE TYPE of group and for all to go along with his views with no tolerance for education, diversity or factual history!


AND I’m still here because this IS my country, jackass! my family was here before him and will be here long after he leaves after he’s destroyed all and there’s nothing left to hate!

now the above, IS the essence of Jim Crow Benefactors! :morons:

And then he blocks me and runs off like a coward because he couldn’t take “bullshit”. :wait:

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Now what’s funny is he rambles off about constitution, which includes Article 1, Section 8 (funding of military, defense, roads, infrastructure, education (science/arts)), but he has a “Benghazi 4” twibbon. 😐 Benghazi is the result of not funding defense sufficiently, and he backpats persons who chose to cut Benghazi security funding to save Grover Norquist’s “wealthy” who are the last persons who need saving.

But before he runs off, he tells me, who is of NATIVE INDIAN and pre-slavery 1600s US ancestry which included FREE BLACKS with equal rights, to leave MY country.

Constitutionalist? :nope: Christian? :nope: Or :hitler: much? :nod:

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