Pussy Grabber-Trump and white nationalists’ hypocrisy

‘memba when Obama was running for President? EVERY single detail about his life was on FULL display by local media networks 24/7: his schools, his childhood, his daughters hounded, his wife and in-laws criticized 24/7, his parents and grandparents info hounded, his every move and EVERY word scrutinized. AND ‘memba his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, considered an extremist, which Obama had to DISTANCE himself from? and note how Van Jones is continually called an extremist for discussing race relations.

and how many of us have heard “Obama and his Muslim brotherhood” and “Obama won’t say terrorism because he’s a Muslim terrorist sent to destroy this country“, which DEFIES the first step of receiving top level intel: security clearances (NSA, CIA, FBI), background checks, FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES (if paid by this omnipresent George Soros).

now enter Trump, the son of an actual nazi and klansman, Fred Drumpf/Trump, with a history of associating with known DOMESTIC TERRORISTS/threats, and a LONGGG history of civil rights complaints of discrimination against him and his klansman father. Trump has failed to disclose tax and VALID health records, FOREIGN business ties and a whole lot more including business fraud, unethical practices, cheating creditors, numerous bankruptcies, etc.

silence from same local media networks who are now wondering why many have chosen to no longer watch their networks.

then along comes religious right to hate-Mike Pence, white nationalist Steve Bannon, white nationalist Richard Spencer, white nationalist John Tanton, far right extremist Reince Priebus (of German descent) and NIGEL FARAGE — all far right extremists.

then along comes Trump’s own “grab ’em by the pussy” even if they don’t consent… HIS OWN VOICE 😳​and with a porn star wife who’s now called “classy” and a “role model for christian girls”.

the response from voters of Trump: “all info about white nationalists on his team is just ‘Soros’/liberal media bias, ‘Mr. Trump’ is a GREAT MAN who will make America great and clean up ‘the problem’.” and note “Mr. Trump”, even though his last name is actually Drumpf as his father never officially changed their last name, a fact dismissed by same birthers who adore Drumpf/Trump.

Trump’s voters are primarily FIRST and SECOND generation European Jim Crow Benefactors, whose families migrated here during Jim Crow and stood silently with “whites only”, while failing to learn anything about THIS country. They have screamed “tyranny” for past 8-years.

this is disturbing, beyond disturbing. and now we’ll see on Trump Train who has ethics, integrity and character (those who speak out against extremism within their own group) vs. those who placate hate/extemism and excuse it for a fantasy of “others will have to leave, or follow along with OUR beliefs” for a christian white America, a statement Pence has stated repeatedly during his term in Congress, as Governor of Indiana and now with UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to legislation.

Pence’s right to hate bill (written directly from South Carolina kkk Maurice Bessinger’s religious right to hate blacks –refuse to serve because it’s against their religion) was his response to the “tyrant” Obama and the end of DOMA, a bill he co-authored himself. Pence’s version of “marriage protection”: FELONY criminalize LGBT by making it a felony to use marriage form and checking anything but male or female for either person. federal law overwrote his Indiana legislation, so he created his “religious right to hate” legislation, the same legislation klansman Maurice Bessinger “stood his ground over” until DEATH.

how long before Pence “religious right to hate” is implemented federally, especially with kkk across country praising and celebrating his presence in “White” House.

Barbecue eatery owner, segregationist Maurice Bessinger dies at 83

United States Files Suit Against Brooklyn Cooperative Apartment Building Trump Village For Fair Housing Act Violations | USAO-EDNY | Department of Justice

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  1. Tamra

    this is what Trump voter Mary Erickson stands with and for. her and her friends’ family migrated to US FOR the Jim Crow benefits of being white, and long for the days of returning to when it was “all white”, “for whites”, and others “did as told”. but “she has LGBT friends”, so Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as a DOJ appointee is nothing to be alarmed about and any concern is all part of “George Soros liberal media bias”.

    well, I have LGBT friends, Jewish friends, Muslim friends, Asian friends AND family, Mexican, Cuban, Honduran, Belize, Dominican, Panama, AND Ecuadoran friends, and am from a multi-racial family, so THIS is NOT okay or normal.

    1. Sessions stood proudly with these protesters in Alabama AGAINST segregation Alabama pro-Jim Crow protesters prior to becoming an elected official. his hate did however dominate attitudes towards non-whites and Jews in military –see War Dept Survey from WWII: refused to serve with non-whites or Jews.

    2. Sessions used The Southern Manifesto authored by Strom Thurmond and Carl Vinson (yes the same non-military person US Navy named a ship after to stand with his hatred) as his guideline for segregation now and forever.

    3. Sessions stood FOR Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and didn’t waste any time kicking out critical military members who were as valuable as UK’s Alan Turing (also kicked out of military for being gay after saving WWII). ‘memba US military’s Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach and Lt. Dan Choi? a proud removal moment, of two key assets, for Sessions DURING 2+ wars!

    4. Sessions admires kkk, calls them AMERICAN, CHRISTIANS but refers to ACLU and NAACP communists and un-American.

    5. his pals are Haley Barbor (Mississippi kkk and member of council of conservative citizens) and pretty much any other pro-segregationist in US, and I’m more than sure abroad as well.

    6. and like Trump voters, Sessions ignores fact that Thurmond raped his black teen maid, impregnated her and made her keep black child a secret until his death, because Thurmond was a member of both kkk and Sons of confederate Vets and backed “religious right to hate”-Maurice Bessinger. ignoring child rape, misogyny and in your face racism (like tRump’s rape of a 13-year-old girl) is for the “good of the Make America White cause”.


  2. Tamra


  3. Tamra


  4. Tamra

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions
    segregationist and anti-Civil Rights Sessions will have power to tell DOJ which crimes to focus on and which crimes to ignore. but for Trump voters who use that “I have black/LGBT friends so I’m not racist”, speak now or we’ll remember your silence later. maybe one of us “dumb liberals” or “assumed liberals” can vouch for you should this ever advance to “war crimes level” given complacent silence now 😮

    and note Sessions only helped fight last klan lynching in the 1980s after more became aware of his past history WITH segregationists https://www.splcenter.org/news/2016/11/18/statement-splc-president-richard-cohen-nomination-senator-jeff-sessions-attorney-general


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