Well said by Mark Zuckerberg

#BlackLivesMatter is NOT an organization with members, dues and UNIFORMS. you’re thinking of kkk, a domestic terrorist group!

Council of Conservative Citizens, KKK and GOP association

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins who's also a driving force behind today's Strom Thurmond GOP

All roads lead to kkk, white nationalism and ultra extremism!

Ferguson, Michael Brown, Police and Riots

I haven’t said much about Ferguson because you can’t change evil. Zimmerman was an evil creep who assaulted a female cop long before murdering Trayvon Martin. I guess, per Zimmerman, the cop Zimmerman assaulted had it coming too??!! And Darren Wilson is part of a bigger problem that EVERYONE keeps overlooking: Ferguson is a small… Continue reading Ferguson, Michael Brown, Police and Riots