WOW, today’s GOP!

Notice all the Limbaugh, Palin, etc. “talking points” below. More important, and a key fact all overlooked: how convo began:

I simply posted a news alert, and along comes “@mimimayesTN”, a registered nurse :lmfao:, to school me. And check out her scary :kkk: pals

Immediately told “scram bitch” AFTER she comes trolling my way, then later her pals conclude “I can’t take the heat so stay out of the kitchen”. um like, Christopher Columbus, you’re trash that drifted into my kitchen :woops:


:deadhorse: retweeted to join in but right away, go to their profile and see @PatDollard —see bomb threat post link at top right or Adam S. Baldwin post for his “gems”

IT IS A KNOWN FACT: I cannot stand Bill DeBlasio, refused to vote for him, and literally had no mayoral candidate to vote for. AND everything I’ve predicted about him and his entire Sharpton-ignore-day-to-day-crime administration is coming true, INCLUDING the return of crime IN the same areas he and Sharpton represent

once again, the assumption I wanted to debate. I simply DIDN’T have the right to post a news alert (NOT ONE THAT I CREATED BUT SIMPLY REPOSTED) before the Nazi-type trolling began.


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