awww I’s a sad, predatory creeps is a mad

it’s funny how people think words about me from organized criminals, white collar frauds and/or predatory rapists will actually mean something to me. HUH-LOWWWW! if I’m on the same side as organized criminals, white collar frauds, violent territorial thugs and predatory rapists (who pretend to be christians while seeking new prey) and they LIKE ME, then I’m clearly on the wrong side.

so read their words, and whatever you believe from either the organized criminal, white collar fraud or predatory rapist is your choice, and my blessing, because their words saved me time from someone who believes and accepts the worst of the worst in society being in any part of my life 😀

right now, I’ve got a predatory con artist searching for any and all about me, all because their predatory actions were turned in by another organization not associated with me. I just have to laugh, because if they sit back and think, “gee, how did all this start??!!” 😀 but predators can’t do that for many reasons. their daily goal, seek new prey to occupy their time, while a whole world of amazing and wonderful things just passes them by. they can’t even get out and enjoy a day with their family or friends, but instead spend every day seeking new prey. sad, truly sad.

but when you’ve survived the pure hell I have (violent Level 3 sex offender, white collar frauds with zero conscience, violent territorial drug dealers who know every trick in the book to keep breaking the law within the law while disrupting your life to keep breaking the law, and fake-christian predators who throw out name of “Jesus” to cover up their stink), you don’t worry about opinions or acceptance of others who believe the words of white collar frauds, violent territorial drug dealers, con/scam artists and other sick, twisted predators. 🙂 your only focus is enjoying every day away from them in a whole world of amazing and wonderful things and people that more time should be focused on.

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