Fan (Stan) Mail Time! this one’s from Marc Cohen.

Marc Cohen's "Tamra Cronin" MyLife Revelation 🥱

FAN MAIL TIME! this one’s from Marc Cohen, an obsessive stalker.

awww I’s a sad, predatory creeps is a mad

it’s funny how people think words about me, from organized criminals, white collar frauds and/or predatory rapists, will actually mean something to me. HUH-LOWWWW! if I’m on the same side as organized criminals, white collar frauds, violent territorial thugs and predatory rapists (who pretend to be christians while seeking new prey), and they LIKE ME,… Continue reading awww I’s a sad, predatory creeps is a mad

Why I Laugh Each Time A Conservative-Christian Calls Me A Liberal

Mr. William Seward, the founder of GOP, an abolitionist, Underground Railroad contributor with Harriet Tubman, New York State Governor, Secretary of State and author or Emancipation Proclamation.

Why I Laugh Each Time A GOP Hijacker-Conservative-Christian Calls Me A Liberal

Uppity Negress!

Unapologetic, huh? Well lookie here, so am I!

dayum skippy! 😉 Uppity Negro 101 saw “Uppity Negress” on a t-shirt at a vendor’s stand in Harlem. normally this would be an insult, given its origin. but, the words were written above a picture of Rosa Parks’ infamous mug shot, after refusing to give up her bus seat. very powerful t-shirt. and I’m so… Continue reading Uppity Negress!