History of Violence by Political Cartoonist Pat Bagley

History of Violence by Political Cartoonist Pat Bagley

#BlackLivesMatter ISN’T an organized group with meetings, members & dues, and an OATH to abide by. Persons who believe this are thinking of Ku Klux Klan which has members, dues, meetings, an oath and official, regulated “uniforms”, plus a long history of violence as well as a cozy relationship with law enforcement, then and NOW, as klan terrorists loiter around law enforcement with little or no pushback from law enforcement despite KKK’s violent history towards blacks since the end of the Civil War.

KKK has been allowed to infiltrate our military and law enforcement for weapons training and easy transition to law enforcement after service. I’m sure many know of horror stories in military involving race, religion and/or sex: Carl Brashear, the entire Tuskegee Airmen (labeled as “agitators”, un-American animals, and even denied GI Bill benefits throughout south as well as the RIGHT TO VOTE after fighting for their country), Jews in military, and women in general.

Exclusive records show military surveyed troops’ attitudes towards Jews in 1940s

“There is nothing good about Jews.” (Agree: 86%, Disagree: 13%)
“Jews are out to rule the world.” (Agree: 27%, Disagree: 73%)
“The Jews always get the best of everything.” (Agree: 30%, Disagree: 70%)
“You can always tell a Jew by the way he looks.” (Agree: 61%, Disagree: 39%)
“Jews are the biggest goldbricks in the Army.” (Agree: 51%, Disagree: 49%)
“A Jew will always play you for a sucker.” (Agree: 48%, Disagree: 52%)

#BlackLIvesMatter is a HASHTAG that started after a series of avoidable deaths, that surprisingly didn’t outrage constitutional conservatives. Shocking deaths eliminated the Sixth Amendment (due process) with one person becoming judge, juror and executioner for the stupidest, petty reasons, then giving reports and explanations that didn’t match forensic evidence, 911 calls where person is directly told “sir, we don’t need you to do that“, witness statements or video.

Then witnesses who come forward to help persons executed are mocked for being who they are, while persons mocking witnesses, such as Mark O’Mara AND his children, want blacks to be like them but wouldn’t want Rachel Uchitel living in their neighborhood, attending their schools, nor working at their company unless Rachel speaks identical to them and placates their ignorance of others, and “crackers” too! Yes, “crackers”, because she’s been called a “stupid nigger” online, by persons who support George Zimmerman.

Last night, and by the way, all from Trump supporters, I heard consistent and repeated death threats towards protesters on bridge, roads in Minnesota. One person hoped law enforcement would “sweep the black garbage out with tanks” or use a robot bomb to get rid of them all, because per their understanding, protesting on bridges or roads never amounted to anything and those deadbeats just need to get jobs. This is the reason behind a HASHTAG – insensitivity with pride against other cultures while expecting others to placate their hate and indifference! Their incendiary statements confirm persons are never determined to learn factual history of others they’re quick to label or judge, and never heard of Selma, Alabama, 1963 March on Washington through multiple states across public roads and bridges, or the OTHER “Bloody Sunday“, or persons vaguely heard about either and just don’t care. Not caring is primary part of the problem.


The following tweet is within literal white nationalist hate nest


Saying “#BlackLivesMatter are threatening our (as in not for blacks) law enforcement” is a FALSE statement labels an entire group of INDIVIDUAL protesters as a whole, key word being INDIVIDUAL — persons from all walks of life, all races, financial status, so they’re not just a bunch of BROKE BLACKS WHO DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO BUT HARASS/ATTACK COPS, as assumed!

The actions of individuals with their own personal rage nor others not paying attention around an enraged individual with an assault rifle AND explosives before they “snap” isn’t a justification to label an entire group as TERRORISTS, ANTI-COP, ANTI-WHITE, etc. Even I was “matter of fact” told, “I hate white people” yesterday after correcting an historically inaccurate statement about blacks!!!

This sums up what #BlackLivesMatter is for, a discussion and dialog after noticing different and unequal outcomes: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10102948714100101.

There IS legitimate concern for avoidable deaths that surprisingly many blacks do not live around daily because, surprise, surprise, there are many affluent non-white neighborhoods and non-whites across the country, but those who don’t desire to know this assume: all blacks are on welfare, a drain on their country unless person is placating their hate (e.g., Stacey Dash, Allen West, Sheriff David Clarke Jr., who ironically calls himself, “The People’s Sheriff”).

Notice Sheriff Clarke is pandering for his NRA masters. He’s free, but in his mind, he needs to cling to their hate to exist. Clarke is as history challenged as his masters, as NRA has definitely picked up where KKK left off:

Second Amendment ratified to preserve slavery

This would explain why in the ENTIRE history of NRA, not one black president of the NRA and NRA NEVER offered Second Amendment protection for Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Medgar Evers, nor any of the Civil Rights protesters threatened 24/7, but instead NRA ensured guns and ammo for murderers of Civil Rights protesters. KKK worked with NRA to ensure non-whites and Jews were denied ammo while anyone who sold ammo to non-whites and Jews were often targets of repeated attacks from NRA members. Byron DeLaBeckwith, James Earl Ray, Bull Connor, Robert Chambliss, and Edgar Ray Killen are just a few of the most admired NRA members because they embody NRA principles.

And dejavu…

Lawsuits Filed As Chicago Denies Black People Concealed Carry Licenses

#BlackLivesMatter IS the awareness that, even though collectively we’ve been a byword of all nations (read your bibles (Deut28), Torah or Quran as same words exist), it doesn’t mean we DON’T have value, as believed by barbaric and/or wrongly-educated persons who group #BlackLivesMatter as a physical, organized group with daily agendas like these KKK clowns:

Online White Supremacists Define ‘5 Types Of Liberal White Men’–You Have GOT To Read This!

Deaths of certain unarmed individuals have been shocking and the aftermaths are equally hurting and shocking (Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, John Crawford III, Sandra Bland, Jordan Davis, etc. etc. or #BlackLivesMatter), like a process of taking out garbage. Their deaths aren’t the same as every day petty gun violence, they were simply persons supposedly free to play, walk, travel, shop as they wanted but were executed and without correction against their executioner. However, after going home to have pizza THEN notifying law enforcement that he just executed a teen over music, Jordan Davis’ killer was allowed due process (Sixth Amendment) and convicted. Unfortunately, prosecution and/or conviction was denied for other unarmed non-Sixth Amendment executions, while support and funding pages are set up for Sixth Amendment violators with klan terrorists hovering around them and law enforcement (#BlueLivesMatter) with glee and minimal pushback.

Notice in KKK’s statements above as well as consistent statements of many conservative news sites (Breitbart, GatewayPundit, Sean Hannity, etc.): “liberalism (not hating, equal justice expectations) is a disease”. per KKK, there must be order and others must follow their order, and law enforcement is their friend, STILL —

Labeling liberals or protesters as “diseases” to correct is first step towards indifference to killing them collectively. Hitler tried this. How’d that work out for him??

Since the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, many white Americans wrestle with how to respond. https://apne.ws/29uXuxR @CraryAP

SHOCKED!However, this has been the most common response: BLAME THE DEAD PERSON, who isn’t alive to provide their side of the story, and gather details about the dead person, fake or not, then state dead person deserved to die and no one should give a dayum about them.

So… if you’re STILL uncomfortable and confused about what #BlackLivesMatter is, see me, as I’m now the commander, spokesperson, CEO, founder, board of directors, and grand fucking poo-pah, which should make it really clear #BlackLivesMatter ISN’T an organized group but a group of WELL-EDUCATED persons, WORKING CLASS PERSONS, persons with law degrees, and persons from all walks of life, and NOT a drain on “Made In China” wallets of persons who make statements such as “get a job you animals” and “stop wasting their tax $$.”

I will not be silent about hate nor corruption on my watch, too many have already died because of both. #BlackLivesMatter has even protested FOR law enforcement, including black officers ambushed, for which there was no massive outcry by the same “go get a job, you terrorists” whiners, or didn’t even notice black protesters concerns for lives lost senselessly from gun violence.

And not one “go get a job, you #BlackLivesMatter terrorists” whiners has cared about this, which was just days before a sniper attacked Dallas Police Department.

Planned massive attack on police department, w/ guns and explosives

And I didn’t see ex-congressional member and fraud, Joe Walsh issuing a threat to this person last year:

June, 2015
Dallas police HQ attack: Suspect James Boulware killed

Or this just yesterday, given his bitching about “black lives matter threatening police”:

Norwalk, Connecticut white male accused of threatening police via social media

Yet, Walsh couldn’t wait to threaten President Obama as well as all “black lives matters punks”.

https://twitter.com/WalshFreedom/status/751382016629825536 deadbeat dad and ex-congressional member Joe Walsh whose privilege allowed him to threaten not only President of the United States but all blacks who don't placate his vile, misguided hate

https://twitter.com/WalshFreedom/status/751382016629825536 deadbeat dad and ex-congressional member Joe Walsh whose privilege allowed him to threaten not only President of the United States but all blacks who don’t placate his vile, misguided hate

But yea, it’s just #BlackLivesMatter that’s the problem to be contained, stopped as a critical, national terror threat, huh?

Rise of “lone wolf” domestic terrorism, similar to Timothy McVeigh or Cliven Bundy style attacks:

Now this one, Walsh calls a “patriot” because of anti-black, anti-government racist Cliven Bundy:

Militia leader tied to Cliven Bundy tried to blow up fed building

Trump, Sacramento, and the Future of White Nationalism: An Interview with Matthew Heimbach

Right now, other countries are issuing advisories to stay away from cops if you must travel to US after this incident in Ohio and the past week’s back-to-back shootings. The following was done to a UAE tourist, someone who has enough money to affect how we do business here, has direct ties to Bush-Cheney, and is one of the top owners of our country. Meanwhile, anti-black tyranny screamers believe taxes from their paychecks makes them rulers of this country because no one pays taxes except them!

After Ohio Police Tackled Muslim Tourist for No Reason—Their Apology Also Speaks Volumes
‘The Young Turks’ points out that wealthy businessmen are treated differently than most.

United States Travel Warnings: United Arab Emirates And Bahrain Join Bahamas In Issuing U.S. Travel Advisory

If it was up to me, I’d force publishing of pics of all 24/7 gun incidents (cops, public, blowing one’s privates off while dressing with unnecessary personal gun, babies killed by playing w/ mommy/daddy’s gun, and animals’ paws stepping on triggers and shooting their owners) to show what a savage nation we really are. People are so comfortable with gun violence, they just don’t care, like christians driving pass homeless people and pretending they don’t exist, and while gun sales go up after each and every incident.

Even more sickening with this generation: the gun is on the coffee or kitchen table, next to baby’s diapers, shared with entire family for their own use as well –whether mentally disabled or not, shown to friends/neighbors in person, on social media or at work, which is dumb because now those persons know where to get a gun. And now high capacity/rapid fire weapons (AR15s), which back in the day were mostly used by organized criminals against other organized criminals, or police to combat (like machine guns back then), are now common household products. Kids are even bringing guns to school every friggin’ week in many cities across country.

Meanwhile, others pretend this country doesn’t have a problem with racial violence:



Until we confront this man-made-for-profit racial nonsense that has stalled our country decade after decade, we’ll keep going around with racial nonsense that stalls innovation, education, and repairing damages from each incident, while congress and media make record profits from racial violence, that can end with education and willing to learn about others, who are not leaving this country for your comfy-cozy-convenience.

Welcome To The New USA!
(created by NRA)

Daily gun death(s).
Congress “sends prayers” (and that’s all that’s done)!
Debates, applause, or protest(s) depending upon race(s) involved and/or person(s) shot.
Gun sales increase.
Congress and gun lobbyists make record $$$profits$$$!!!
Bonus for media if riot(s)

Repeat process until desensitized!

Related Links:

White teen in BMW hits three cars, assaults cop in Pennsylvania and doesn’t get shot

Here are 8 white people who pointed guns at police officers — and didn’t get killed

White man arrested alive after pointing shotgun at passing cars and shooting handgun at deputy

Note comments from Mississippi Sheriff H.C. Strider in response to Emmett Till’s death, which isn’t the problem, but outside agitators are the problem.

William Bolton – US Army & KKK member:

FBI Says Racist Organizations Have Been Infiltrating Police Departments For Years

White supremacists sign up for military to train for race war — with little pushback from Pentagon

U.S. Military Battling White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis In Its Own Ranks

Army weapons engineer tied to white nationalist organizations
Rising GOP operative John Stortstrom was a member of Youth for Western Civilization, a racist student group

A typical response from history-ignorant persons who support Sheriff Clarke (because Clarke placates their speech). But let’s look at what this person does daily then decide if it’s a “judge, juror and executioner” offense! Oops, he changed lanes too quickly, didn’t use turn signal!


Notice he says “your children see you”, so “white America” has no sympathy for them or even these blacks Barnes types can care less about:

1. Wealthy black neighborhood destroyed by whites over a “stepped on shoe”-elevator incident. This black-owned Greenwood area, known as “Black Wall Street” with its own banks, schools, oil companies and media, never recovered as their assets and wealth were stripped by this riot. Guns for whites were exclusively provided to rioters by none other than the NRA and KKK. Tulsa area is now riddled with lack of hope and lots of crime. Gee, I guess, blacks are solely to blame and NEVER did anything prosperous for the area, per this Barnes cretin.

2. Black WWII veteran rioted out of his home by angry whites who didn’t want a black person who just returned from fighting for his country living in their building. Rioters were never charged, but building owner indicted for… wait for it… inciting white separatists by allowing a black person to move in.

Saw this article online today (12July2016):

Doctor regrets not being able to save Dallas Police, also feels that “angst” of interacting with police https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/07/12/black-doctor-to-police-i-defend-you-i-will-care-for-you-but-i-still-fear-you/?tid=sm_fb&utm_term=.417e1804f066 #DallasPoliceShooting #DallasMemorial

It reminded me of Earl Graves, Jr.’s incident in NYC. I looked for link to story and found this from *1996*!!

January 15, 1996 Vol. 45 No. 2
Under Suspicion
By Thomas Fields-Meyer
Doctors, Lawyers, Athletes or Laborers—Black Men in America Have Concluded From Bitter Experience That Police See Them All As Potential Criminals

In case the 1996 archive disappears, here’s a printout of article.
Under Suspicion BlackMenInAmerica

via https://twitter.com/lordxmen2k/status/753002879133167616

Fox News host goes there: Black Lives Matter ‘has evolved into a tribal faction’

‘My ancestors owned your ass’: Angry Texas couple yells black teen ‘does not belong in America’

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    all together now… WELL DUUUUUHHHH!!!
    #BlackLivesMatter is a movement that cannot be sued!!

    this lawsuit confirms the ignorance of person behind it: clueless about Civil Rights MOVEMENT, clueless about Women’s Rights MOVEMENT, clueless about LGBT Rights MOVEMENT!!! but when their leader is ignorant, ignorance will follow, while thinking ignorance is the norm.


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