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#BlackLivesMatter is NOT an organization with members, dues and UNIFORMS. you’re thinking of kkk, a domestic terrorist group!

History of Violence

this may be a political cartoon, but it fully captures what is historically seen by both sides, and still especially in the deep south and midwest-KKK-haven states such as Indiana… Read more >

Ferguson, Michael Brown, Police and Riots

I haven’t said much about Ferguson because you can’t change evil. Zimmerman was an evil creep who assaulted a female cop long before murdering Trayvon Martin. I guess the cop… Read more >

Dialog, racism and guns

UPDATE to the tragic story of John Crawford: Tasha Thomas, girlfriend of John Crawford, who was gunned down with toy gun in @Walmart, dies in car crash http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/01/girlfriend-of-john-crawford-man-killed-by-police-in-walmart-dies-in-car-crash/ ~now their… Read more >

Zimmerman jury has turned out to be dirtier than Mitt Romney’s money

THE FIX WAS IN on Zimmerman jury. first before I get into this, I’m fully boycotting CNN, even unsubscribed to alerts, removed their bookmarks from site, “unliked” facebook page, unfollowed… Read more >