meet @PunchyMcgregor @LuvlyLadyTrump

@PunchyMcgregor and @LuvlyLadyTrump (who’s now suspended) roam twitter to educate others on behalf of Pussy Grabber-Donald Trump. They’re so proud of Donald Trump, they prefer to stay anonymous. :lmfao:

Per @PunchyMcgregor @LuvlyLadyTrump, all blacks are on welfare. These “two anonymous beings” believe that only 1 area of country contains whites on welfare, Owsley County, Kentucky. Apparently, blacks are ONLY on welfare AND dominate Idaho, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, rural northern California, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas. WHO KNEW until “Punchy” and “LuvlyLadyTrump”, right?

But peep its bio, for which the question was asked by both: show me anything racist I’ve said. :lmfao:

Both accounts have sick, morbid obsession for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and “liberals”, while professing their self-taught and errant knowledge of blacks. And their expectation: educate others about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, liberals and blacks while they themselves have zero clue of whom they’re talking to nor what they’re talking about. Both accounts read beyond words given to them (read more into actual words) and are sooooo used to confronting and attacking people to conform to them, they can’t understand a direct question, which would be lovely for a federal investigation.

But the accounts “roaming together” immediately reminds me of the pairing of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. 😮 A match made in hell, which is ironically where both (if it’s not just one person with two “personality” accounts) have imprisoned themselves to. :clap: :cheers:

Click any image to view details

most disturbing comment: Brock Turner couldn’t have raped because he was drinking. 😮 fits right in w/ GOP-rape is a beautiful thing, huh?


Anywhooo, I had fun toying with them, :morons: but wasn’t about to sit and make screen shot after screen shot as they’re a Trump-wisdom-gem-a-minute. :nod:

But I truly hope both “accounts” keep talking and roaming twitter so that the world can see the ignorance following Trump. Both have to know they’re ignorant, else they’d use their actual names, instead of hiding like the actual coward, racist creeps they are.







Too see convo of their priceless pro-Trump gems in action: ( viewable file).

And while “Punchy” just cannot see its own racism, take a look at its followers which includes white nationalists and other flaming racists, including consummate racists, Linda Suhler (who claims to have a Ph.D. but sounds like a 10-year-old neo-Nazi child) & @BraveLad (who’s a follower of EVERY. SINGLE. WHITE. RACIST. on twitter).

Almost all of its followers are previously blocked pro-KKK harassers. Thus “Punchy” stopping by is wayyyyy too much of a coincidence, but a case of stalking with assumption that I’ll run off scared from racist garbage like them a/k/a shit on sidewalk. You step over shit on sidewalk and keep moving forward. :nod:

And given all of the above, congrats, Madam President Hillary, you got this! All Trump has to do is keep talking, while his fans ensure your win. :nod: :cheers:

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  1. Tamra

    LOL a Trumpkin stopped by and pointed out that Pussy Grabber is their leader. he lost the vote but was placed in by “electoral college”, not the voters. He has no mandate, while we all get to sit and watch the fraud unfold at their expense. Oh we’ll be alright, they won’t! LOL


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