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NRA Prostitutes AND Terrorism In Action

May 24, 2016 9:37pm EST/NYC


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NRA Prostitutes
NRA Prostitutes, you know them by the money lost to Wayne LaPierre.

Note: NRA's HQ claims they are unaware of this behavior while promoting the SAME behavior!

NRA members and "enthusiasts" are "brave warriors," ready for war online. But offline, they are TOTAL cowards, living in self-created fear 24/7, thus their assumed safety blanket: LOT AND LOTS OF GUNS, while living in a complete bubble! And the most priceless of all NRA Prostitutes:

1. The ones who claim to be CHRISTIAN and LOVE GOD. But just one problem: 2 Timothy 1:7, as in FEAR is NOT from God, it is from the OTHER ONE cast out, the team they are ACTUALLY on. Meanwhile, I fear nothing, no one. However, white privilege shit like this needs to be spotlighted, else they become:
 (hitler trash)  (kkk low-lifes) .

2. The ones who claim to be PROLIFE AND LOVE ISRAEL. First, Israel allows abortion-on-demand, and under their UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. nodding dumbass Second, they are about as PROLIFE as a cannibal! These bastards can not wait to shoot a pregnant, black woman walking across their lawn, looking for a safe place to make a phone call after her car gets stranded in area.

But here are NRA Prostitutes below, live and in action, demonstrating their online "brave warrior skills" LMFAO. I will keep adding them as more of them show up to dispense their NRA wisdoms as shoved down their throats by LaPierre. Keep in mind, because they are TOTAL COWARDS, they often tweet their vulgarity, then delete it to avoid Twitter "account suspension" or a law enforcement followup depending upon their tweet, or these online creeps change their usernames to hide, you know like (kkk low-lifes) does, and THIS heavily armed motherfucker did when cornered:  (hitler trash)

oopsie-whoopsie But, in their attempts to be smart, even if these NRA Prostitutes delete their tweet, as long as a record of the actual tweet is saved, it is retrievable.

Actual Gun Nut Terrorism - BLOCKED, but "they will NOT be ignored!"  waymenit violin Below are more of its UNBLOCKED crew, either new account created by same person or accounts I did not get around to blocking yet. Their goal, make persons live in fear of them because they are NRA Prostitutes who "rule Twitter". Then there is ME, you know the person who terrifies organized criminals, white collar frauds and cop shooters and their video promoters, but in their mind, I will suddenly become afraid of excrement on sidewalk, that you simply walk over and forget about a second later a/k/a NRA Prostitutes. But there is zero fear of law enforcement from these keyboard commandos. Gee, I wonder why. — the FBI loves him, so either this person is law enforcement and has a 24/7 pass to menace while armed or has zero fear of ANY law enforcement - NRA white privilege — how cute, a mocking gif, NRA Prostitute humor  waymenit — now DIRECTLY inviting rabid racist, Scott Baio into convo after Baio's wife posted assumed home address for these same type of nuts, with advice to "take care of me". Not sure what their goal is other than to silence mentally, physically and every other way, while targeting, again, ME, a person who just doesn't give a fuck about them but will help them take away their own guns through their OWN repeated menacing! LMFAO — more confirmation of their goal: piss off #gunsense tweeters, but just one problem, they are excrement on sidewalk talking but do not know it. They can say what they want, I am just not interested in hearing it as all I see is excrement on sidewalk talking and am puzzled as to its goal while they are excrement on sidewalk.

April 17, 2016

April 18, 2016 — this NRA Prostitute-coward has been stalking CONTINUOUSLY since:

whose LONG been blocked, but this demonstrates their domestic terrorism: you block one of their accounts, they stalk you from another and wait for an opportunity speak, but forget they are still excrement on sidewalk. Unfortunately, you can not go buckwild on them on Twitter because wait for it.... they cry like bitches they are LMFAO, then start reporting tweets back to their terrorism, because their goal: silence #gunsense tweeters.

 waymenit So for now, we do this THEIR way: keep reporting them to (terroristic threats, harassment, etc.) with followup to Twitter, such that their guns will need to be taken away because of menacing, stalking, harassment, terroristic threats, etc. Not to mention, they are opening door to a mega class-action lawsuit against Twitter. — I have no idea what this NRA Prostitute said after this, or have even read the tweet LMFAO because I just copy the link then report/block. but there was another tweet that I did not see after blocking this NRA Prostitute.shrug

Earlier NRA Prostitute Archives: — below is part of this gang style harassment against persons who post #gunsense info they do not approve of.  waymenit How these persons were granted gun licenses is beyond baffling. shrug Or if they are pretending to own guns to menace, then they are DEFINITELY mentally ill and should not be allowed to buy any guns! But their latest twitter M.O.: you block their leader, they then tack onto one of your tweets then RT with other gun nuts in volumes such that you're forced to see their intended-threatening, RELATED gun bios. dunce — tweeted me pic of a gun pointing at me with the delight of assuming it pisses me off, however, it just confirms that most disturbing persons are STILL able to get ahold of guns AND terrorize others while white or working as an NRA prostitute. -- confirms STALKING, literal STALKING - no hashtag used by me, no names replied to in my tweet, person is simply hanging out on my profile waiting to pounce and get reported/blocked which I enjoy because it is one step closer to them being UNARMED thanks to their own menacing actions! nodding — more stalking — MORE STALKING — MORE STALKING - pals of ALREADY BLOCKED, —>>

All persons following this domestic terrorist should be on an FBI watch list. But when they are armed, white extremists, they are simply classified as "misguided", "blowing off steam": all of the COUNTLESS persons blocked previously, persons who menace #gunsense 24/7.

As if I/we care what these gun nuts think:

And then there is Bentzburgh, an NRA Bottom Bitch:

Gee, I wonder how much these NRA Prostitutes are making by promoting NRA, buying memberships, spending at gun ranges and buying whatever gear and accessories NRA recommends??? I hope they are making enough to live as lavishly as Wayne LaPierre does.

Latest bottom bitch, and Lil Dick Energy club member: response, and case rested about being a slave, bottom bitch for NRA:, okay, now get back on your knees for NRA's domestic terrorism

@tamranyc I have no doubt you would support government initiated violence to enforce bans licensing or registration Fascist troll #hypocrite

— Freedom First USA (@Tomfreeusa) April 17, 2016

@tamranyc @TheJusticeDept @FBI @IServedDidU @Soldier1eaODGrn Shannon and Moms Demand supports violence against gun owners Read your media

— Freedom First USA (@Tomfreeusa) April 17, 2016

@Soldier1eaODGrn @tamranyc @TheJusticeDept @FBI @IServedDidU

I want one of those walkie talkie ear pieces.

— Tim (@Timerican) April 17, 2016

@TheGuyOnTwitta @serr8d @Soldier1eaODGrn @tamranyc @TheJusticeDept @FBI @IServedDidU not if your bio says you're a Muslim refugee in So Cal

— Raymond Sestmann (@Chimptactical) April 17, 2016

@tamranyc @NYDailyNews or stolen guns used or private sales.

— Does the Left really Want a WAR??? (@David050905) April 4, 2016

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Wayne LaPierre confirms what millions have known all along: the NRA is a terrorist organization run by lunatic propagandists!

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