GOP’s plan to destroy country for votes

Don’t I already know this and I see it all around through infrastructure failures! But what many don’t know is this about the architect of the plan, Mitch McConnell: HIGHEST welfare use, govt assistance in U.S.: Owsley County, Kentucky, 99% WHITE, 95% @GOP with wealthy McConnell in office since 1984. McConnell is also one of… Continue reading GOP’s plan to destroy country for votes

WTF happened to GOP? Your ass used to be beautiful?!!

KKK Ron Paul and Don Black. Ron Paul, like David Duke, has many ill informed blacks believing he's not a racist, but his own voting record is anti-civil rights, anti-women, pro-states rights (confederacy) and everything else on the KKK's checklist

WTF happened to you, man?! your ass used to be beautiful!!