Did you help create a Vagina Grabber POTUS??

so many complaining about Vagina Grabber, but they shouldn’t be. I’m talking about persons who repeatedly watched The Apprentice AFTER Vagina Grabber-child rapist questioned the birth certificate of President Barack Obama, which brought country to a stand still over non-issue. THEN… Vagina Grabber still wasn’t satisfied and questioned President Obama’s school records and how President… Continue reading Did you help create a Vagina Grabber POTUS??

#badgradestrump salutes slave rapist Andrew Jackson

Pussy Grabber, racist, jackass tRump salutes racist, jackass he likens himself to. Omarosa and "the blacks for Pussy Grabber" are sooo proud of this moment. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Racist jackass and Pussy Grabber tRump salutes racist, jackass Andrew Jackson whom Pussy Grabber compares himself to most.

Blacks today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP defines as the “standard” and why

These are the ONLY blacks today's Strom Thurmond GOP will embrace and accept -- TEMPORARILY, as all of them placate Jim Crow Benefactors' hate and ignorance.

Blacks today’s @GOP defines as the ONLY type of “the blacks” they’ll embrace and accept, temporarily.