NRA Prostitutes – Part Deux

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Hatriots went ape shit today over this NY Times Article:

The Concealed-Carry Fantasy

This “person” especially flipped out :nra::guns: and tried to counter the FACTUAL information, but not only confirmed “all things stupid”: :dunce: :morons:

But her sadistic, NRA Prostitute tweets revealed a major flaw in Twitter’s @safety block option: person long blocked before this trending topic are PROFILED and FEATURED by Twitter, which is fodder for current fodder for litigants against Twitter.

She trolled long before this trending topic and I blocked her a longgggg time ago, only to see her tweet photo PROFILED at top of the trending topic.


The irony of her “misogyny tweet”:, which is the same persons she roams with 24/7.

But to stomp out any dissent including to her offensive, pro-gun nut logic, here comes her wild dog NRA Prostitute pack. And boy, do they represent their NRA Big Daddy well! Makes ya feel warm and cozy that these psychopaths are HEAVILY armed, huh? :nope:

There were sooo many tweets, hard to keep up. And the insults about my husband were priceless, especially since before he joined FDNY, he was a cop who patrolled NYC subways before there was any communication systems among officers and he NEVER had to use a gun to keep public safe or apprehend even an ARMED SUSPECT!

How NRA Prostitutes feel about Native Americans: 😮

Aaaah… what would a #tcot NRA Prostitute mob be without a “christian” gem?:violin:

More Miseducation Of Jim Crow Benefactors.

And here comes the standard Kurt Schlichter/Adam Baldwin tweets/assumptions, right on queue. Yea, but I survived multiple near death and life destroying experiences that I advocate against daily, but consider myself a “helpless victim”. :wait: But notice the racism, sexism throughout his “lemme educate you” photo. :kkk: And again, these persons want all to follow their immature, misguided, violent, attack until tired lead.

And here’s that Dana Loesh’s misogynistic favorite type of men response:

NRA PROSTITUTE ALERT! See if you can spot their Pimping For NRA words:

Trivialize, eh? Yea, peep the #MolonLabe hashtags to see the number of persons who think #SandyHook, #Aurora, TV news station shooting, and other mass shooting were ALL hoaxes!

#tcot NRA Prostitutes comprehend soooo much, huh? See tweet they’re replying to and see where they went wrong :dunce: AND why they’re the perfect NRA Prostitute.


Wait, is this an unsolicited opinion, as in something I should care about from an NRA Prostitute?

And here comes the grasping and deflecting because they haven’t got the usual rise they were looking for, while assuming NRA Prostitutes’ words actually have any meaning or validation to me:

Of course, GOP conservatives immediately excused Josh Duggar, David Vitter and the other GOP Family Values creeps caught in numerous adulterous sex scandals, including same sex, prostitutes and pay-for-sex accounts. #tcot NRA Prostitutes’ standard “go to”: Bill Clinton, while ignoring any and all immorality they’re pushing as “the standard” for leadership.

Now, this was funny given their belief in “Trickle Down Economics”, including after 2008’s epic crash:

More grasping and trying to “get a rise” (while I’m simply :lmfao: and copying “embed tweet” info) statements which reflect their God-fearing ways.

I didn’t even look at or need to look at the following pic because it’s clear this clown wants to spew his Adam Baldwin, Kurt Schlichter talking points. It’s sad to see, BUT is a must see 24/7 especially in election years. Just ask Sarah Palin, whose supporter emails were forwarded to many, including first time voters who showed up in droves in NYC simply to vote against her!

Note the tweet to/from someone I already blocked a longggg time ago: @AuburnJulia, who wants to throw in more “jabs” to feel special about themselves. But they are “special”.:lmfao:

And the classic “meds” assumption because of their belief that “liberals are diseased persons” that must be cured by them or some sort of drug. I would so love to take a drug test and have results shoved down their throats, but that’s just fantasy for now. 😉 Fantasy… see what I did there…

They’re never going to admit anything because their job is to roam twitter and be NRA Prostitutes, a/k/a Big Daddy’s bottom bitches.

Yes, of course, a #tcot hatriot will deny facts. But I love @darkenyght1701 for even trying with these clowns:

Now THIS is priceless! @FerricJaggar blows their NRA Prostitute dog whistle then throws in the offensive version of a white flag.

And, OF COURSE, NRA Prostitutes will ignore any logic and even their own words! But I love @darkenyght1701 for even trying with these clowns:

And of course, it didn’t end, hours later, along comes another NRA Prostitute:

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