More confirmation that today’s GOP IS Strom Thurmond’s GOP!

Steve King retweets and promotes a white nationalist. Dream on Steve King! We were here before you and will be here to close the door when you leave!

Strom Thurmond’s GOP fully revealed itself on March 12, 2017 via Steve King, Geert Wilders and David Duke!

confederates are not heroes nor brave men, but the worst of ANY society

Another worthless, confederate LOSER, Nathan Bedford Forrest, who rots in hell, where he belongs!

Cretin confederates should have been banned from this country after the Civil War ended. They’ve provided nothing but hatriotism with mass murder.

WTF happened to GOP? Your ass used to be beautiful?!!

KKK Ron Paul and Don Black. Ron Paul, like David Duke, has many ill informed blacks believing he's not a racist, but his own voting record is anti-civil rights, anti-women, pro-states rights (confederacy) and everything else on the KKK's checklist

WTF happened to you, man?! your ass used to be beautiful!!