Hatriots dun lost what little minds they had!

confederate creep Alexander Stephens, who defines, "why you little mofo!"

Hold on, we’ve seen this story before. The ending will be the same, again and again, especially as more outnumbered by all those who revolved around confederates!

Stacey Dash, Hatriot Placater of the Year

These are the ONLY blacks today's Strom Thurmond GOP will embrace and accept -- TEMPORARILY, as all of them placate Jim Crow Benefactors' hate and ignorance.

Stacey Dash took a job to make her children feel proud of her. Perhaps she doesn’t know that being culturally ignorant while placating bigotry isn’t something to be proud of.

WTF happened to GOP? Your ass used to be beautiful?!!

KKK Ron Paul and Don Black. Ron Paul, like David Duke, has many ill informed blacks believing he's not a racist, but his own voting record is anti-civil rights, anti-women, pro-states rights (confederacy) and everything else on the KKK's checklist

WTF happened to you, man?! your ass used to be beautiful!!

Repulsed by…

Repulsed by everything Christians, GOP, Libertarians and conservatives claim to represent but aren't even close to being!

Repulsed by…hatriots, fake Christians who claim to love/follow Christ but their every word is that of…