#badgradestrump thinks he’s so smart, but he’s too stupid to pay attention!

First of all, Trump got to where he is today, not from being smart, but by cutting corners, cheating, breaking the law, evading taxes, raping without consequences, partying and having sex orgies with free-flowing cocaine, pimping out teen girls from Trump Tower NYC to advance his business deals, and blaming others for his wrong doings… Continue reading #badgradestrump thinks he’s so smart, but he’s too stupid to pay attention!

#badgradestrump salutes slave rapist Andrew Jackson

Pussy Grabber, racist, jackass tRump salutes racist, jackass he likens himself to. Omarosa and "the blacks for Pussy Grabber" are sooo proud of this moment. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Racist jackass and Pussy Grabber tRump salutes racist, jackass Andrew Jackson whom Pussy Grabber compares himself to most.

Blacks today’s Strom Thurmond-GOP defines as the “standard” and why

These are the ONLY blacks today's Strom Thurmond GOP will embrace and accept -- TEMPORARILY, as all of them placate Jim Crow Benefactors' hate and ignorance.

Blacks today’s @GOP defines as the ONLY type of “the blacks” they’ll embrace and accept, temporarily.

WTF happened to GOP? Your ass used to be beautiful?!!

KKK Ron Paul and Don Black. Ron Paul, like David Duke, has many ill informed blacks believing he's not a racist, but his own voting record is anti-civil rights, anti-women, pro-states rights (confederacy) and everything else on the KKK's checklist

WTF happened to you, man?! your ass used to be beautiful!!